As mothers are daughters, daughters are for mothers. They have a special bond, and the importance of mother only a daughter can understand. Perhaps this is the only relationship in which there is no dispute could occur. A daughter is an image of her mother. Like a gardener waters and cares his flowers, in the same way a mother too to her daughter.

This relationship with time matures a lot and a time comes when a mother and a daughter function more like friends rather than being mother and daughter. Every relationship with time changes and takes a new shape and transformation. 

When a daughter is just a little child, it is different; when she is a teenage, it is different, and when she becomes a fully adult, it is different. These are all the phases in which a mother has to act and behave accordingly towards her daughter. If not, then a flower relationship could become like a black tar, never able to reverse again.

A mother must understand that when a daughter grows up she is completely a different human being. If a mother doesn’t act wisely then you could become an irritable figure in your daughter’s life. If you don’t want to go through it and want to understand how you should behave during the adult phase of your daughter’s life, then we tell you how. And remember this starts from the very beginning of her upbringing.

You are a mother of your daughter. As she grows you should try to become her friend rather than just being a mother. And you don’t always need to act rigid and disciplined. Remember daughters are fragile flowers, you need to caress them rather than shouting on them.

Give her space and her privacy and don’t always try to sneak into her room and her mobile, to whom she is chatting and to whom not. Don’t always doubt her rather try to believe her. It is certain for a mother to worry about her daughter in today’s time where so much social media and activities happening. This time is not the time of past where children do as their parents say while it is the time of self independence where they do what they want to do and you can’t stop them forcefully. 

As a mother you set some rules which your daughter must have to follow. Make it work like a deal and give them something in return like a movie outing or picnic or some extra pocket money. 

On the other hand a daughter must understand her responsibility too and if she not, make her realize and it is a mother’s duty too. 

Talk to your daughter about your own experience and how you were at that time as your daughter is now. This way you would open your daughter to yourself and she would understand you like a friend. 

If your daughter is in relationship with someone and she is serious, then you must deal it with wisely. Ask her about the boy in detail and call the boy home and meet him personally and check his background and everything whatever you want to. Meet his parents too and if they don’t know, make them know about it.

If your daughter wants to do and achieve something in life, don’t stop her. After a certain period of time, it is her life and she has the right to do what she wants to do. Don’t always be a nagging mother. If you don’t like her idea of something and disagree with it then say it clearly and give her time to explore other choices. Always remember daughters are fragile flowers and if you water them proportionately with caress, they would blood as you want else flowers come with spikes too. Besides all, a mother is everything for a daughter and we know you love your mother so much. So on her birthday express your feelings with birthday wishes for mother from daughter, which is a collection of wishes and messages for your mother with which you can wish your mother happy birthday.