As you progress in your career, you may come to realize that some job opportunities do not always come your way due to your resume. In fact, a lot of recruitment is done through word of mouth or networking. While it might be handy to have a cover letter in your back pocket, there are multiple other ways to be a standout candidate to job recruiters.

Show How You Can Solve a Problem

During the recruitment process, a company’s first and foremost priority is to fill the position that is open. But underneath this, businesses also have a large number of projects under the works. As you go through the recruitment process, you should put emphasis on what you can specifically do for the company. If you have the time prior to interviewing, you could find a problem that relates to the organization and create an outline detailing how you would solve such an issue and send it to the organization. After seeing the amount of thought you put into your role prior to even being hired, you will surely set yourself apart from other candidates.

Ask the Right Questions

Job recruiters love to see when candidates ask detailed questions about their organization. This will not only help the recruiters see your passion for learning more about their company, but it will also help you decide whether or not it is a good fit for you. In order to come up with some good questions, do some research on the company to discover some recent news surrounding them. Also, consider asking what a typical day in the role would look like, what sort of accomplishments they would expect out of you in the first year and so on. Whether in the interview stage or simply networking with the company’s founders, these sorts of questions will set you apart from others.

Continue to Network

Though the internet has made job searching as accessible as ever, networking is still one of the most preferred ways to find a job or candidates. Perhaps you haven’t been doing anything wrong in your resume writing but were instead passed over for previous positions because the recruiters went for someone they’ve met in person before. Though it can seem unfair, it is even more of a motivation to network in person. Any event can be turned into a networking event simply by beginning to communicate with others. By nurturing these relationships with others, you may be presenting yourself as a stellar job candidate without even knowing it, and you might instead have individuals reaching out to you personally when a position opens up.