Within any great leader is a clear, ambitious vision for the future. Many leaders, however, let their commitment to success drive them down a path where their personal health and life, in general, can quickly become damaged. While there’s no feeling quite like working hard toward a dream, a true leader understands the important balance between work and family.

When a leader maintains the utmost focus on what they’re aiming to accomplish, they pleasingly find themselves unstoppable. With a tremendous level of discipline and commitment, however, comes the risk of growing disconnected from family and other life matters. One should be open and honest at all times with their loved ones, explaining to them why their work is as important as it is. Likewise, a leader should have full respect for the thoughts and feelings of the people closest to them, and be fully willing and able to give them the time they deserve.

Leaders who are true visionaries can think creatively. A real path toward a better tomorrow has to be created. Boredom, doubt, anxiety, lack of motivation, etc. are very real and very problematic emotions that can stop progress in its tracks. A leader should not only know how to avoid letting negative emotions be the detriment of their success, but have the capacity and willingness to learn ways around obstacles created by what plagues their mind.

More often than not, being truly productive involves doing virtually the same thing over and over again. Repetition is a building block of skill in just about any pursuit. Repetition not only promotes progress but builds stamina. When a leader is faced with doubts, sometimes all they need is to prove to themselves just how much endurance they really have.

Lastly, the practice of goal-setting is imperative to continued growth. Goal-setting isn’t as easy as it often seems, however. Many people will set goals that are simply too ambitious, and others will sell themselves short. Setting goals that require someone to really work hard and respect personal boundaries at the same time are the best. A leader must take care of themselves, which includes doing what they enjoy, in order to really fulfill what they aim to accomplish. More can be read about what it means to be a true visionary leader here.