How To Be Creative While Living in Isolation

Not being able to travel can leave many of us feeling cribbed and confined. But just because we cannot head out to explore, that does not mean that we cannot explore in other ways.

Giving your creative impulses free reign can help you feel less stifled in your home environment. And fortunately, there are plenty of ways to be creative while staying home.

To help you get creative, here are some interesting avenues to explore:

Growing Your Own

Growing your own at home, either on your windowsills or in your garden or outside space is a great way to give your creativity free reign. Designing your own garden beds or container set ups… deciding which seeds to sow and plants to grow… creating a beautiful space with growing plants… these can be great ways to boost your mood and feel less stifled, wherever you live.

Of course, growing your own also means you’ll have access to great fresh ingredients to be creative with in your kitchen. Whether you grow your own or buy fresh, local, seasonal ingredients, cooking and food preservation can also be great outlets for your imagination.

Upcycling and Reuse

Another great way to get creative at home is by making new use of natural materials, or of old items and materials that might otherwise have been thrown away. Upcycling and reuse of old clothes, for example, might give you a whole new wardrobe.

A range of different upcycling and reuse projects might also help you make other items for your home, letting you play around with new soft furnishings and interior design, for example, and help you get creative in finding sustainable solutions to household problems.


Finally, if you are feeling bored and unfulfilled, this could be the time to consider what you really want to do with your life. Find your Ikigai (right livelihood or perfect job). Here are a few awesome ideas for you!

Visual Art

Of course, you can also get creative by making visual art. You might draw, paint, sculpt or model, take photographs, or even make videos or short films. There are almost endless ways to make visual art – for yourself or to share online with friends, or the wider world. You don’t need to spend a fortune either. Often, you can make use of natural or reclaimed items to create beautiful things.


If you are a music person, listening to and making music will be important for your creativity and mental health. Remember, you do not have to be great at something to have a go. Make some time to hone your musical skills, and simply to listen to the music of nature around you too.

Take time, even if you do not make music yourself, to appreciate the wind in the trees, birdsong, and the natural soundscape of your garden or immediate surroundings.


Writing can also be a great outlet for creativity. Write poems, stories, a novel – or just keep a journal or diary of your experiences and feelings. Remember, you can write just for yourself, or post online for other people to share. Create a blog of your memories like this family did!

Dreaming, Design and Innovation

If you are less artistic and more technically minded, spending time at home could provide you with the perfect opportunity to dream up and design new innovations, apps, tech, engineering projects etc.. Let your mind explore possibilities, and you might just come up with something to save the planet!

The ideas above should help you find plenty of ways to be creative while staying home.

Image from Pixabay