Often in life, we ​​are not as productive as we would like to be, and therefore our results are not as good as they should be. Try this simple four-step process to become more effective to increase your work efficiency. It will act as coordination to work through productivity.

Step 1 –  Track your progress

Draw yourself out of ten on each critical milestone in your goal achievement plan. Monitor your progress, whether you are on schedule and how you feel about the goal and strategy. Above all else, check your motivation, and keep giving yourself rewards and incentives to keep going.

Step 2 –  Notice what works and what doesn’t

Write down what works for you and what isn’t each step of the way as you work through your plan. Not only does it keep you in control, but it keeps your motivation high and allows you to tweak your plan so that it works for you.

Step 3 –  Strengthening what works

Reinforce aspects of your plan that work on constant iteration. Repetition helps embed the information in your mind and body so that positive behaviors become automatic over time. Keep the reward, as it also helps strengthen the positivity. While maintaining what works, make sure to keep learn and enhance your skills and knowledge. You need to develop your professional understanding but also expand your horizons and learn new things. You can schedule 30 minutes a day, read blog posts that are relevant to your profession, or expand your horizons behind that. You can hear interesting TED talks on many topics or even play fun trivia quizzes to improve your general knowledge. This will make you more knowledgeable and impressive in the eyes of your co-worker and increase your self-esteem.

Step 4 –  Find solutions that don’t work

If one aspect of your plan isn’t working, focus on it. Take the time to think about options to reverse these aspects so that they work for you. How many different ways can you approach your projects, tasks, and activities? Who else can participate, or can you help? Is there anyone you can consult? How have you dealt with similar issues in the past? As human beings, we are very creative. By taking the time to ask the relevant questions and get to the creative parts of your mind, you will be amazed at the possible “solutions” to your problems that you may come up with.

Step 5 –  Evaluate your success, celebrate it and move on

 If you follow all the five steps above, your productivity will increase dramatically, and therefore your probability of success. After you have achieved success, you need to evaluate the journey and determine what you have learned. Be sure to celebrate it, but avoid the temptation to bake in your glory simply. Start looking to the future by adjusting this process.

Final thoughts

Once you track our work and a daily basis, take a break to think and re-evaluate what has been done and what worked, you will make sure you will not make the same mistake twice. Also, it can help you understand how to improve, enhance your daily routines, and be more successful and impressive at work.