Dj’ing is thought of by many as just changing from one track to another. Many people even assume dj’s just step up to the booth and put on a playlist of their favorite songs. Is that actually all they do?

To be honest, it is actually much more than that for DJ/Producer Nick Stracener. Nick uses dj’ing as an outlet to express his feelings and connect with people in more ways than one. He creatively blends songs together to tell a story that hits home with his audience. He believes in taking you on a musical journey with moments of euphoria, times of laughter, and even some tears.

Nick’s unique sound is best described as a combination of indigenous rhythms with lots of sultry uplifting, female vocals. To him, dance music is therapy and a way to escape life’s biggest hurdles. It’s why he was particularly drawn to Lindsay Lohan’s “Back To Me,” a song about shutting out negative energy and rediscovering self.

Nick’s new remix of Lindsay Lohan’s “Back to Me” was recently heralded by the superstar actress herself. It is a relatable message to Nick whose social media notoriety often invites criticism. He uses his platform of almost 200k followers to show off his music and his bodily accomplishments yes, but it is also a place for him to release heavy matters that are weighing on his mind. Most significantly, his own mental health. “People with mental illness come in all shapes, sizes, and colors and I want to reach others who may be going through similar struggles,” he says. “You can never really know what someone’s going through in their personal life or what’s going on in their head.

Severe depression and anxiety are hidden diseases and I have found, the best way to fight it is to get it out in the open. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.” It may come as a surprise, that in real life, Nick Stracener wears many hats besides dj’ing and producing. In addition to that he is also a social media influencer and he’s a nationally qualified men’s physique athlete. He uses his competing in physique shows as an outlet to better his mental health. He’s also an international flight attendant who travels the globe weekly, father to two pups, Oliver and Olivia, and fiancé to CX. “Music is nothing new to me,” Stracener explains. “I started with the saxophone in the 6th grade after failing the percussion test. Apparently, I didn’t have enough rhythm to play the drums, but the saxophone ended up being a wise decision. I just loved the sound of it and I continued playing it all the way through college. I even got a scholarship because of it.” Nick was introduced to the dance floor at 18 when he went to his first rave in his hometown of Lindale. Texas. “I was so fascinated by the sounds I heard,” he remembers.

He moved to Dallas soon after and quickly ingratiated himself within the circuit community. “Circuit music is so powerful and liberating because it’s easy to dance to and live your fullest fantasy. There are so many different types of circuit music and it’s really fascinating how unique they all are.”

Nick has dealt with severe depression and anxiety most of his life so finding dj’ing and producing has been a blessing for him. He hopes that he can continue doing this for a lifetime as he feels like it is his calling.

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