It is quite important to be successful in the today’s fast pacing world.

But as you can read my title ” How to be successful without success” can be baffling to the readers. The important aspect in today’s world is success.

Success has various parameters and it has it own drawbacks. Let’s speak about India :

Developing nation and the people have various aspirations and we further categorise them into below mentioned phases :

Childhood phase : Children become students and they are pressured into become the toppers of the class.

Adult : pressure to clear entrance examinations and it would often lead to the depression and suicidal tendencies, which are pretty common in the today’s world and in the Indian society too.

To end the confusion, I am proposing be successful without success, it means simple that we need to draw a line between both success and obsession. To avoid obsession about money and success, try this.

  1. Speak to yourself at least once in a day
  2. Be realistic
  3. Read a lot
  4. Don’t see rich people and go crazy about the richness
  5. Speak the truth
  6. Try not to lie
  7. Don’t put pressure into children and make them robots of studies, let them enjoy
  8. Stay calm and meditate a lot
  9. Don’t build castles in the air . In this manner, one can be successful by not panicking and obsessed and also drawing the line between the both.


  • Kartika Sharma

    I’m a voracious reader and a motivational coach. I am also deeply inspired by Arianna Huffington. I firmly believe in positive thinking and try to incorporate that in all walks of life.

    I have been working and breathing as a content writer since long. I strongly believe and also experienced, that people who are old souls , connects better to heart, soul and world. Godliness is serving people and getting blessing. For any query, contact : [email protected].