“Do as I say and not as I do” is what I grew up hearing a lot from some of those who were designated as leaders in my life.

I used the word designated because I didn’t choose them as my leader. They were chosen for me.

Granted, that is true of most of the leaders we have or have had, in our lives.

What would happen if we had the opportunity to choose our leaders? I wonder what percentage of those we had to “follow” would we have chosen.

I may not be able to state in percentage the number of leaders that I would not choose to follow, but I know it would be a fairly high percentage.

Why is that so?

Most of the leaders that I was “forced” to follow, lacked one of the most important aspects of leadership – emotelligence.

If you are not familiar with the word emotelligence, let me give you a quick introduction.

The word Emotelligence is as you may have figured out, is a word that is made up of two words: emotion and intelligence.

It simply means “The Art of Succeeding Where Others Failed.”

Leaders who are emotelligent will be the ones that others want to follow because they are high in emotional intelligence.

They are more skilled in decision making, relationship management, and job performance.

As a result, those that are following them do so because of what they SEE in them.

These leaders exemplify qualities like patience, kindness, compassion, empathy, forgiveness, just to name a few.

Who would not want to follow a leader like this?

The challenge is, becoming this kind of leader.

This is where my latest book: The Emotelligent Leader – Succeed Where Others Failed, comes in handy.

In this book, I’ve laid out how to become this leader others WANT TO FOLLOW simply because of what they SEE IN THEM.

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