By Adrienne Weimer, ICF-certified Sales Coach & LinkedIn Strategist

Without sales, you don’t have a business, you just have an expensive hobby. This is what I love helping women with!

I started my coaching business because I truly believe that every woman deserves to be paid for who she is and for her gifts. I know that there is something truly powerful that happens when a woman can create true financial freedom for herself and her loved ones–that learning to love the art of sales can truly be life changing. And that it isn’t just about the money that is brought in (though that is great), it’s about the freedom that comes with the financial abundance.

I know I can help because I’ve been in sales for more than 15 years and I’ve worked at LinkedIn for 3 years where I literally teach sales for a living to over 300 sales professionals in my Influencers of LinkedIn program. I know how to sell and how to do it effectively.

Setbacks have also taught me valuable lessons. I thought sales would be easy when I started my coaching business because I was consistently closing $1.5 million in sales every year in my corporate job. But I was wrong. I really struggled with selling myself and it wasn’t until I really changed my mindset and improved my sales process that I started achieving $5k and then $10k months. I know so many female entrepreneurs struggle with their sales confidence and lack a process, so I’ve made it my mission to teach them which sales tactics work and which do not work.

Why LinkedIn Is A Great Selling Platform

  • The mindset is different on LinkedIn. People want to make business connections and they are ready to buy if they find the right product.
  • Over 44% of LinkedIn users make $75k+ a year which means they have the money to buy.
  • The Linkedin wave is happening right now and users have a rare opportunity to be a trendsetter instead of a trend follower. This will not last long.
  • There are more than 700 million people on LinkedIn, so no matter what kind of coach you are (fitness, business, relationship, career, life, etc.), you can find ideal clients on the site.
  • LinkedIn loves to promote your content and the algorithm is actually really friendly, which means more eyes on your content and more clients in your DMs.
  • You do not have to post every day to get clients.

What You Will Gain From Influencers of LinkedIn:

  • A loyal following and audience on LinkedIn, which will open doors to amazing results like podcast requests, speaking gigs, consulting opportunities and clients
  • Optimisation of your LinkedIn profile which will not only draw in your ideal client but will also establish your brand and authority
  • 60-day content plan so you never have to wonder what to post ever again
  • Simple system to find and connect with your ideal clients in less than 10 minutes a day
  • Step-by-step sales process so you never have to worry about what to say in the DMs or how to move the conversation forward
  • Unshakable sales confidence that will increase your closing rate and cut your objections in half

Sales Is The Lifeblood of Business

Without sales, it is impossible for your business to grow. So if you are struggling to sell, it is only natural that you will worry about the future of your business. I want to help, and I can teach you the skills and processes you need to become a confident and successful saleswoman.

I believe that when you learn to harness your talents, your sales will skyrocket, and you will have taken the first big step on the road to the kind of wealth you dream about.