Each day is a new day when it comes to work and building your career. Yesterday, you had wonderful feedback from your manager but got a negative remark today from a client. If you’re going to be affected by that, you may be left unmotivated until tomorrow. When that happens, your personal and professional condition can be impacted negatively. So, here are some tips on how to become better at work during difficult times.

Common Reasons Why You Feel Down at Work

Let’s admit it. Not everyone has the same strength to handle different situations. For instance, a person may take constructive criticism in a positive way and use it to improve his/her performance. On the other hand, some people, after hearing negative feedback, drowned themselves in thinking how weak they are and concentrating on their mistakes. They often complain about how cruel fate is on them but refuse to accept the opportunity to improve and do better.

Aside from getting negative feedback, there are still some other reasons why people can feel down at work:

#1 Lack of support

Have you ever felt you’re too exiled on some difficult tasks and deemed that you’re the only one working on it? These instances may be caused by primarily two reasons. Either the management does not provide proper support for communication and collaboration, or you personally fail to make an effort to reach out to the managers and your teammates. If such situations are not given proper attention, people in the workplace will create barriers that will prevent them from establishing a great relationship with them.

#2 Economic issues

The issues in our society can also affect how you will perform at work. When you wake up and see the news about the economic crisis, companies shutting down, and the continuous risks of the pandemic due to the coronavirus, your motivation can be lowered. The negative vibes from the various social media platforms can also impact you emotionally and mentally. This can hinder you to focus and stay vigilant on the tasks assigned to you.

#3 Interpersonal issues and discomfort

When you’re working with a team of diverse cultures, preferences, personalities, and values, there can be instances that you’ll have some unpleasant encounters with them. There may be harsh words that are unacceptable for you and those may cause you stress and anxiety. 

#4 Lack of work-life balance

Missing an important event with your family and friends because you need to work overtime or during the weekend can also make you feel down at work. You also need to be giving some time to your passion, your hobbies, and your personal colleagues. In short, have a proper work-life balance.

#5 Financial issues

When an employee’s salary and benefits do not meet the basic needs of the family can also create a feeling of sadness and depression.

#6 Low morale and poor engagement at work

This can be related to poor company management or lack of leadership skills. Employees are confused about which rules are to be followed. They can also be in chaos on how they would share their insights and suggestions. Often, when there seem not to have the opportunity, they just choose to keep their ideas and not to voice them out. 

#7 Poorly setup working space

The way you set up your workstation also makes an impact on how you think and perform each day. When you like what you see and you’re comfortable while working, you can definitely become productive and efficient at work. However, if you feel uncomfortable with your table or chair, you will not be able to work properly and the results will be of low quality.

10 Tips to Become Better at Work (despite difficult times)

All the reasons mentioned above can make it difficult for a person to produce outstanding results at work. If you’re one of those who are experiencing such problems, then you should consider these tips:

#1 Get up early.

Many successful people said that one of the secrets of their success is by getting up early in the morning. Doing so gives them a sense of initiative. They can also have time to do important routines such as doing yoga, journaling, meditating, and creating a to-do list for the day. 

#2 Think positive.

Whatever negative news and things you hear and see, it’s always crucial for you to stay positive. Believe in yourself and that you can do anything as long as you’re determined. Stay passionate about your job and be willing to make changes when needed.

#3 Welcome feedback and help yourself improve.

Remember that feedback and constructive criticisms are vital parts of every success. They are helpful factors when aiming for improvement. They can help you know your errors and strive to find the right solutions. Instead of taking them negatively, be thankful that you are given a chance and room for improvement.

#4 Learn something new each day.

Your workstation can be a learning space for you. Be open to new knowledge, skills, and techniques. Always aim for personal development and improvement.

As LifeHack stated:

“Innovation is one of the factors that can help your company (and therefore your position in your company) thrive in your industry. For you and your company to succeed, you need to have a significant competitive advantage that can help put your company at the top of the game.”

For more tips on how to make yourself better at work, you can check this post by LifeHack.

#5 Be grateful

Did you know that gratitude can make us more productive, positive, and nicer individuals? A grateful heart can help us brighten everything around us and promote a better working environment. Be thankful that you have a job that can support your living, and at the same time for the opportunity that you can learn and develop your skills each day.

#6 Look for solutions instead of always complaining

Problems are a normal part of a job. Instead of spending time complaining and pointing fingers, why not focus on finding solutions to solve them? Remember that there is a solution to every problem. All you have to do is to motivate yourself in finding them and applying them effectively.

#7 Go beyond what’s expected from you.

Do not stay stagnant on what you know and where you are. It is not wrong to dream and aim higher, especially if it will help to achieve the success of the company and for yourself. Think outside the box, be more creative, and always up to the challenge.

#8 Instill discipline

There are people who choose to get worse during difficult times instead of making themselves ready to become better. Discipline is the key, as we always hear. Discipline yourself to respect the work schedule. Avoid opening your social media accounts for personal use during working hours. Be a team-player, collaborate ideas with others, and put some extra effort into developing ideas on how you can help at work.

#9 Stay mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy.

Your health should not be disregarded. Make sure to eat healthily and keep yourself hydrated. Avoid stress as much as possible. If not avoided, learn how to manage it properly. 

#10 Love what you do

The best productivity booster is the love and passion you put into your job. People who love their jobs become more successful because they become more optimistic, inspired and motivated.

Final Thoughts

Remember that you can always aim for improvement. However, this can only be possible if you’re willing to put passion, time, and effort into everything you do. Nowadays, it may be difficult for some of us to become better because of the difficulties and issues around us. However, by following the tips mentioned above, you will definitely improve in no time.