When I moved into our new home a few years ago, I wanted to invite the entire neighborhood, so I did.

That evening I met so many new and amazing human beings but one lady, and the meeting with her has been etched in my mind forever.

She said, “Hi, my name is Cathy, and I am the richest lady in this neighborhood”, took me a few seconds to try to understand this till she continued and said my daughter, son-in-law and grand kids live with me in the same house.

Many years later, when I go on stage to speak in front of thousands of people, I introduce myself saying:

My name is Avi Arya, father of two girls, 6 dogs, husband to a super woman, a street car racer turned Hotelier now social media marketer.

The above Hero Introduction of mine reminds me every day that life gave me beautiful adventures and experiences like that of racing cars and the opposite to take care of beautiful dogs, the Rock solid pillar like support of my spouse and the god given opportunity to raise two beautiful young women who call me pop and daddy respectively.

Nobody asks me how many team members I employ or how many and what clients I serve or my company revenue, they call when they hear my hero intro as visualise theirs right after.

The richness is in the family, the wealth is in the experience, the gold is in the brand that we created with love, respect, and trust all of which takes alot of time and like eveything else needs to be earned.

And today I want to tell you all, make lots of money if that makes you happy but in the end remember that the process and the result is meaningful and sweet like a fruit cake only when it has the following ingredients of family, love, friends, trust, adventure and experiences all into one.

So if all the above is happening and the money is still far away , I want to remind you that you are winning!

Congratulations, and share this winning reminder with others who are living life and wondering if they are winning or not.

Avi Arya