We all want to be noticed in the workplace for those opportunities that will take our careers ahead and help us reach higher levels. Nevertheless, if you are employed, impressing your boss is one of the quickest ways to get that promotion, get a salary raise, be considered for that training program, and be considered a company asset among other career growth opportunities in the workplace.

We can agree that most bosses tend to have their favorites in the team, and impressing them can seem like an uphill task. However, you can easily manage to impress your boss by just behaving like a professional. Have no idea how; here are four simple ways to get you started.

1.  Be reliable

When working as a team, your work is like a missing piece in a jigsaw puzzle. Your team can’t realize the bigger picture without your contribution. It can be very unprofessional of you if your team has to always wait for you to complete your tasks way after the deadline. You also don’t paint a good picture if you have to redo your work after submitting substandard work.

Being professional is being reliable and dependable. Your boss needs to trust that you can deliver quality results within the set deadlines with minimum supervision. Of course, there can be a lot to do in a day such that keeping deadlines can sometimes be difficult. You need to think of smart ways to ensure that you do your job efficiently and quickly to save time. Think of professional tools that you can use to help you in this. For instance, in an office setup, you will deal with files a lot, and the easiest and safest way to store and share them is in PDF. Use a PDF converter to convert these files, not just to save time but also to show your boss that you are a professional. You can also use forms to collect feedback from your peers or your team to increase your productivity by learning/understanding their opinions about a specific task or subject.

2.      Be on time

Nobody likes to see their time wasted waiting on other people. Likewise, your boss will not like it if you are expected to be at work by a certain time yet you are nowhere to be seen. You can bet to get in the boss’s wrong books faster if he or she has to frequently look for someone to stand in for you because you are always running late.

It shows a lot of professionalism on your side if you arrive at work at the agreed time. Make it a point to sort out your issues so that they don’t interfere with your reporting time. If there is a scheduled meeting, prepare for it in advance and be in the boardroom before your boss gets there. Of course, sometimes it can be extremely hard to keep time. In such times, be professional enough to give your boss a heads up beforehand and don’t make it a habit.

3.      Follow the laid guidelines

Every workplace has its guidelines on how to carry oneself while at work to ensure that the right culture is maintained. If you are to appear professional and look good in the eyes of your employer, follow these guidelines to the letter.

When it comes to the dress code, ensure that you dress well while at work. You will score with your boss by being decent and presentable. In addition to dressing well, ensure that your character and attitude exude professionalism. Treat each person with respect and avoid situations that can portray you in a bad light. For instance, avoid talking down on people, talking behind others’ backs, or getting into small fights at the workplace. On top of that, be a person of integrity and honesty.

Something that could help you avoid conflict and better communicate with others is if you first know yourself. The easiest way to do so is by taking online personality tests, such as the Extended DISC model, where you will see both your strengths and weaknesses. By understanding yourself and your shortcomings, it will be easier to be more understanding towards others. 

4.      Use resources efficiently

Every businessman’s goal is to see profits increase. That is why most are very keen on how resources are distributed and used within the business. You can be sure that every employee who strives to save the resources allocated to him or her portrays dedication and professionalism to the employer.

Don’t be among the people who assume that your employer has a lot of money at his or her disposal. Do your best to apply smart measures that ensure the efficient use of the resources that are allocated to you. If you have better solutions that result in some savings for your employer, be sure to bring them forward. For instance, make use of tech tools that do not cost a lot, such as VPNs or residential proxies. You can yourself check proxies reviews and choose the most suitable free one without having to spend extra money.

If you work from home, think about using the Raspberry Pi 4, which may easily take the place of your desktop computer. You can also utilize it as a secondary desktop to assist you while your main computer is being used for other purposes, like as video conferencing.


The best way to get ahead in life is by being a person of good character. The same applies to your career life. If you want to be a person who is respected and held high in your workplace, it is important to behave like a professional in all aspects of your work. Besides impressing your boss and colleagues, you will be surprised how happy you will be in your job by just being professional.