How to Boost Employee Productivity by Creating Digital Workplaces?

Gone are the days when workplaces were considered to be a physical space that employees occupied during regular office hours. Today, businesses have realized the significance of creating an always connected, instant access workplace by building digital workplaces that brings together data, applications, and communication tools that are tailored to meet every employee’s tasks, role, and location.  

While digital workplaces augment employee productivity, it also makes organizations more flexible. Due to the flexibility and increased level of interaction offered, digital workplaces have become more common. This inevitably means an increased technology investment from the organizations that implement them. 

Let’s take a quick look at the areas which can be enhanced to improve productivity: 

Communication: The integration of robust communication tools such as Skype, Outlook, etc. helps employees to communicate with each other within, as well as outside the office environment. This promotes collaboration between teams as well as with people outside teams. With this, employee productivity increases significantly. 

Technology Access: Yet another feature of a digital workspace is the ability to access robust technology from any device and any location. Having a digital workplace that can help employees connect by availing appropriate technology is a great tool that every organization should consider creating. The incorporation of project management tools such as Microsoft Project online etc. can keep everyone updated regarding the progress of on-going projects. 

Information Availability: A digital workplace allows for the central storage of information. Applications like OneDrive, OneNote, and SharePoint allow provision for storage and sharing of documents and knowledge simply and coherently. This feature not just helps employees with access to information, whether at the home, office, client meeting, and even while traveling. By providing employees with access to tools and data required to perform their job, much time is saved significantly, which further translates to increased productivity.  

Employee Engagement: Employee productivity is directly related to the level of engagement the employees feel. According to a research report shared by Gallup in 2013, companies with highly engaged employees witnessed a 21% increase in productivity levels and a 22% increase in profitability. By using applications like Yammer, employees can provide prompt responses to information, which they receive from the management. Apart from this, employees also get the opportunity to indulge in decision making through surveys, forums, polls, etc. Such kind of involvement adds to the feeling of job satisfaction and engagement. 


A well set-up digital workspace is an excellent advantage to any organization and is, therefore, worth investing in. Given these advantages, organizations are pledging IT budget for supporting digital workplace strategies that promote measurable returns that, too, while mitigating risks and abiding by the compliance requirements. 

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