[This is article is written by my 11-year-old son, with some minor edits from me for clarity. After all, game playing during a long virtual school period is not that bad. He got all these ideas from playing various games and watching YouTube videos.]

Okay, so this is the start of how to upgrade your company with more money, less time for the services and marketing.

First, attract an audience. You obviously know how much people HATE pop up ads. Instead, make sure the strangers like you and your content so much that they share and advertise on your behalf, not just on Facebook but on Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter etc. For FREE. This will help you to be known more, and have more potential clients and potential increased income. Basically saying, it will help your company grow in an organic way.

In order to create attractive content, you can make them more fun, exciting and short instead of boring and long. Like us school kids, we don’t like to hear the lessons our teachers are telling us. For example, instead of saying “so for right now you have 2% income tax and we want to reduce it to 1.3487 percent…”, you can say something more fun like “‘instead of making this dull and too businessy, we’re going to have an activity of how many times you raise your hand, you will get points and whoever gets the most points will get a 50$ refund!” An example is the youtuber Socksfor1. He makes very entertaining videos which get 1 million views in one day. Another way is to make sure you have giveaways. Giveaways can make people be more eager to hang around or advertise your company.

Next, when people have looked at your website, comments, and reviews, you can offer them your services and most likely, they will accept the offer and indeed want you to coach them. Now reader, you may be asking yourself, why would the person want to be your client??? Well, when people browse around the internet, they search up your profession and click your link. Next, they read your articles and reviews and invest in you.

But before all this, you need to come up with a program that is fun, exciting, and easy to learn. For example, if you are a career coach like my mother, then you must make a program that will help people understand what their goals and strengths are so that they can apply for a job that is well-paying and loving.

After your program is concluded, you will get a 2% chance of getting a bonus amount of money and… Ha ha! Don’t worry, I won’t talk about the boring stuff. Your client will most likely give you a GREAT review because of the fantastic program. But if they don’t, ask them to give you one even if it is negative or positive. If they write the review, and it is a 5/5 or a compliment, you definitely should post it on your stream so that new people can see how well you did. Better reviews means more people coming to you, and more people coming to you means more money.

Once you have completed the first 4 steps to upgrade your business, repeat these steps over and over again until you reach an amount of followers or money you want. But wait, this isn’t the end yet, it’s time to… INCREASE THE PRICE! Since many people have come to you for your help already, you are famous among 1,000 or more people which is a great start!

You might think this is the end, but it isn’t! If you are interested in tips and tricks, keep reading down below for the last but most important thing to to make people give you more money. Like I said in the last paragraph, you could make it more fun and exciting. Another way is if you notice that someone is really desperate for a service like yours, you can use it to your advantage and offer the person premium or upgraded membership or program with the VIP benefits like private time with you or early access to new features.

Regardless of what your business or profession is, I believe you have learned the steps to gaining and growing your company. After all, this article must be captivating in order to make you read it till here and you may want to hire me to create content for your business 😉


  • Amy Nguyen

    Career Happiness Strategist & Coach for Women/Mothers | Brain-based Happiness Expert

    Happiness Infinity LLC

    Amy Nguyen is a Career Happiness Strategist & Coach, an official member of the Forbes Coaches Council and the founder of Happiness Infinity LLC, based in Greater New York City area. She is named to Business Insider's premier list of the most innovative career coaches in 2020. She helps high achieving women, especially working mothers, who struggle with navigating the right next step in their career to uncover their Happiness Infinity Zone and strategically create a new path that makes them wake up each day feeling excited and alive. While not coaching, Amy is often found blogging about her journey of training her brain for happiness in key areas of a mom's life including career, parenting and relationship. In her previous life, Amy did a Master in Public Policy from the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy in Singapore, took seven jobs including Human Resources and Communication across nine industries in three countries namely Vietnam, Singapore and the United States. Amy's most recent position before she decided to do coaching as a full-time job is the Head of Employee Happiness at the biggest e-commerce company in South East Asia, Lazada Group.