Exercising is a mood booster and combined with nature, physical activity can significantly improve mental health by acting as a defense against depression, a natural stress reducer, and a vehicle towards developing and increasing self-confidence. Yes, is it Lockdown 3.0 in the UK which means that you cannot use outdoor gyms. However, you can still use the outdoors in general as your training space and take notice of the equipment available to you once restrictions are lifted.

Functional Equipment

Outdoor gym equipment is essentially workout machines, designed to be used outdoors. These fitness solutions are great for mental health because they are non-discriminatory and combine physical activity with accessibility and user-friendly design. By omitting any intimidation factor, you will find that using outdoor fitness equipment for mental health feels effortless and approachable. The simplistic nature of this equipment also lends itself to a clear mind. Uncomplicated opportunities to exercise can help alleviate the stress associated with an otherwise heavy mental load. Outdoor exercise can create a pleasurable aura surrounding working out. Many people feel tension about the need to work out, lose weight, and lower blood pressure. By taking your activity outside your home or a traditional gym space it gives your brain a chance to associate the action with something that is enjoyable and will feel less chore-like, thus benefitting your mental health as a result.

Subtle Advantages

Spending time outside while you exercise will impact your mental health in other less obvious but still beneficial ways. For example, fresh air lends itself to endorphins, which are natural stimulants that are conducive to an elevated mood and sharp, clear thinking. Being able to un-crowd your brain through exercise means that long after your work out ends, you will have the brain space necessary to handle your days efficiently and without feeling overwhelmed. Better sleep is another subtle benefit. Those that include physical activity in their daily routine can hope for more regular sleep patterns, which is one of the major roots of overall mental health. Sleep is essential for focus, clear thinking, balanced energy levels, and your overall outlook, since restlessness can lead to impulsive coping mechanisms that are fruitless for long-term mental health.

Opportunities for Introverts

Introverted personalities can experience a dip in mental health when forced into extroverted scenarios in which they not only feel uncomfortable but can also feel fearful of. Being outside allows you to be outside the four walls of your comfort zone, but also independent enough to not experience an infringement on your personal space. How this translates to fitness is as simple as gym workouts vs. outdoor. Intimidation inside a traditional gym is a very real factor for anyone but especially so for those who are intimidated by crowds or unfamiliar settings in general. Outdoor gym equipment can bridge that gap. Taking the formality out of fitness is a great way to test your personal limits in a comfortable way. For example, joining walking clubs or running groups in your area can introduce you to a group setting without the pressure of feeling like you will not know what you are doing once you join.