In many studies and information on self-esteem and the building of confidence, there is a tendency to overlook the importance-the need-of understanding how vital self-admission is to address and overcome negative self-confidence.

This true self-evaluation and acceptance of yourself, warts and everything, create a sound psychological foundation for effective building of your self-esteem, a positive new self-image.

Stand tall

Your brain checks the rest of your body constantly to find out how you feel. The message it gets is that I feel good about myself when your posture is upright. Keeping the chest and shoulders open makes you look bigger, slimmer and radiantly self-confident.

Don’t Judge Yourself

When you gaze at a mirror, don’t make good / bad / pretty / ugly decisions. If you have a scar or acne you may choose to see it as a flaw or simply as a memory of an injury. Try to take the attributes of a child or friend with respect and acceptability, not critique, into your physical characteristics.

Admire Yourself

Studies utilizing technologies for tracking eyes found that people who are dissatisfied with their perceived flaws as they gaze in the mirror are not at all pleased. Take a peek at what you want (we assume that you have at least one. The reward system of the brain is activated and your mood lifts when your eyes take something that pleases you.

Don’t wear a moody face

A smile not only raised the muscles around the eyes and mouth, for a youthful appearance, but created a feel-good ripple effect: your brain is automatically stimulated by your muscle contractions and this boost is retained when people smile towards you.

Take deep breaths

Shallow breathing shows itself in the face, throat, and shoulders as tension. On the other side, you look and sound healthier in your body while you take long, deep breaths. Take a second, take a picture, and breathe.


The body perceptions may be shaped psychologically – by a scale number or a picture in a mirror – but internal emotions and pain impact them as well. The sensation of constriction gives a persistent message to your brain that you are not slim enough by wearing clothing that are thinner than (or once) you like to be. This is not an appeal for elastic waistbands

You cannot put uncertainty on yourself or threaten anything by attempting to counter or refute it. You become much more strong and powerful by accepting the reality of yourself. Self-acceptance offers you the invisible yet incredible strength that really harmonizes men. Good self-esteem simply and eventually goes with it.


  • Gail Green



    Interior designer/decorator and founder of Gail Green Interiors.