I don’t think I’ve ever been so ready for a year to end. How about you?

What a challenging, bizarre, and painful time it has been in our country and our world. And, as 2020 wraps up, it’s easy to just say “good riddance” and hope for brighter days ahead.

However, as difficult as this year has been for us collectively, and for many of us personally, it’s important for us to acknowledge all that’s happened, as well as our growth and the fact that we made it through.

On a recent episode of my podcast, I reflect on this unprecedented year and share a powerful process and set of questions we can ask ourselves to bring real closure and completion to 2020.

I’ve been doing a version of this process at the end of the year for the past two decades.  Conscious completion is important and allows us to step into the New Year more powerfully.

Here are some questions you can ask and answer yourself, as a way to create a sense of closure for 2020:

  • What were my biggest lessons in 2020?
  • What am I most proud of from this past year?
  • What were my biggest disappointments in 2020?
  • What am I ready to let go of from this past year?
  • What else do I need to do or say to be complete with 2020?

See if you can create some sacred time in the next few days to think about and write down your answers to these questions. You can also share your answers with some of the important people around you (and maybe ask them to answer them as well).

By creating a conscious intention for completion, you give yourself the gift of reflection and maybe even some appreciation for this past year. Doing this allows a space to open up in which to create your intentions for 2021 with a sense of openness and peace.

This year has been like nothing we’ve ever experienced before…and we’re still in the midst of an incredibly uncertain time.

Even with all that has happened and is still happening, there is so much for us to reflect upon that we can be grateful for and so many ways we’ve grown and changed this year.

No matter how painful or bumpy it was…you made it through this year.  Be gentle with yourself and others. And, remember, we’re all in this together!

How will you consciously complete 2020? What can you do or say to leave 2020 behind you in an authentic way?  Feel free to leave your thoughts, ideas, and feelings on this post, or directly on my blog.