Falling in love feels intense, and in our euphoria, it feels like it will last forever. Shock hits us a couple of months later when things start going south. Then we start asking ourselves where we went wrong and what to correct to build a healthy relationship.

The good news is it’s never too late to retrace our steps and start afresh and rebuild our relationships to greater heights. One important aspect to note is that we should start on a clean page and avoid repeating the same mistakes.

Are you having problems in your relationship? If yes, are you desperate to save it by whatever means necessary? Dive in for tips on how to salvage it!

1.      Work On Your Communication Skills

Unfortunately, conflicts are part and parcel of any relationship. Did you have siblings? If you did, you could agree with me that you disagreed, fought, or had a war of words once in a while.

So what makes you think that you will never clash with your spouse? However, it is crucial to work on your communication skills to resolve your differences like adults.

You cannot build a healthy relationship if you have poor communication skills.  If a misunderstanding arises, stay calm and explain to your spouse what happened. Don’t throw tantrums about how your partner doesn’t listen to you when you haven’t even communicated in the real sense.

Also, start your relationship on a new page; your partner should be aware of your past. Ask yourself, how will he or she feel if the information comes from someone else? Talk freely about the mistakes you have made. This will help you know each other better.

2.     Be a Good Listener

Communicating goes hand in hand with listening! How do you expect your partner or spouse to respond if you don’t give them a chance? When an issue arises, express how you feel and give your partner a chance to answer you.

It is vital to learn that shouting at each other doesn’t solve anything. Instead, it draws unwanted attention from neighbors. I can’t emphasize enough on two-way communication! Learn to wait for feedback.

3.      Give Those You Love Your Time, Attention, And Appreciation!

We can’t eat love! I know, but think for a moment, is there any use of working so hard without someone to enjoy your money with?

So ask for a leave, close your business, and spend time with your spouse. You can take part in very many activities as a couple, such as picnics and hikes. You can even save and go on vacation.

Give him or her attention. Invest in their ideas and projects. Show them that you are interested in what is going on in their lives. Additionally, show appreciation for all the things they do and sacrifice to see your relationship work.

4.     Build Trust and Respect

A relationship cannot survive without trust. Strive each day to earn your partners’ trust by avoiding all the things that can bring mistrust in your relationship.

Not all your friends will fit in your present life, so be ready to let go of some people for the sake of your love. Avoid lying to each other as this will lead to bigger problems as your relationship progress.

Respect is also an important pillar when you want to build a healthy relationship. Respect each other regardless of who earns more or who pays more bills in a relationship. Moreover, respect your spouses’ family, remember they came first; you may be replaceable, but they are not.

5.      Commitment

How far do you want your relationship to go? Work towards that destination. You are the captain of your relationship. Do not let other people, such as family and friends, determine who is right for you.

To build a healthy relationship ensures that you become one, make plans that include your significant other. If you are not ready, to be honest, open, and faithful to each other, you will not be in a committed relationship.

6.      Understand That You Are Different

A relationship will be very dull if you perceive the world the same way, love the same things, and do things alike. That said, do not condemn your spouse because of your differences. Instead, find a balance in your relationship.

They hate movies but love reading books? Join them once in a while; it doesn’t hurt.

Parting Thoughts

 New relationships require very little work, they say love is blind, but I believe it develops eyesight later on. However, do not give up on your love simply because you encounter stumbling blocks.

Instead, ensure you learn from your mistakes and move forward. Lastly, talk to each other when conflicts arise and do not let third-parties determine how your relationship will be. Remember that you are the only one who knows what you saw in each other when you fell in love.