If you’ve taken the time to build a brand image for your business, you understand the importance of brand building. While your business brand will speak to your customers from a professional or official perspective, you’ll also want to create a personal brand for yourself. A personal brand allows you to connect with others when it may not be appropriate to involve your business.

Start With a Well Developed Profile

The first thing users will look at is your profile with the intention of finding out if you match interests with them. Your profile should be as honest and transparent as possible to help you attract users with similar interests, values, and personality traits. You should provide information about your education and career field, list recreational activities you enjoy, and discuss any values that are especially important to you.

Connect With a Target Demographic

Even though this is your personal brand, you’ll still want to focus on a demographic that you’re trying to reach. This way you can focus the type of content you share to ensure it’s relevant to that group of people. If you’re using your personal brand to promote your business or the field in which your business operates, you will want to target users who are also interested in your business or products. If you’re developing your personal brand to pursue other interests, choose content that’s relevant to those interests. While you can still post original content, you can also share free content that meets this criteria since this is your personal page.

Boost Your Visibility

You should start following pages and groups on sites like Facebook to provide you with a way to reach multiple users outside of your existing list of friends or followers. By commenting on public posts, you’ll draw more attention to your personal brand. Additionally, reach out to users with blogs and ask to write guest posts for them. You can also try to arrange podcast appearances to increase awareness about your personal brand.

While it will take time to develop a personal brand for yourself, you’ll find that the benefits are worthwhile. It will give you a place to express yourself on matters that are important to you as an individual. Once you begin branding yourself, you’ll be able to connect with others who share your interests, beliefs, or values.