Well today, I’ll teach you my three proven tips so you can have more confidence even if you’re shy and introverted like me. 


Let’s talk about confidence! This is one of the big things that people ask me all the time, especially my high-level coaching clients. When I’m doing live events, when I’m doing private workshops with my clients whether I’m doing group coaching or even one-on-one coaching, I notice that the subject of confidence comes up all the time. Why is becoming confident plays a big role in achieving your dreams?

Well, very simple because most of the time people who do not feel confident, don’t believe in their own strengths. Most people think negative and doubt their ability because most of them have a lot of what I call head trash. That’s why I’ve written 15 books on this subject including my new book Get Rid of Your Headtrash About Money. You can get this book free at sendmeabooknoah.com.

What is confidence and why is it important?

Now, why is confidence important? It’s very simple.  The word confidence comes from the Latin word confidere which means ”with trust”. When you don’t have confidence, you don’t trust yourself. You avoid criticism and lack the right behavior to accept the challenge that comes with it. When you let these negative emotions fill your mind, other people are going to have a hard time trusting you as well. Because if you don’t believe in yourself, if you don’t trust yourself,  how can others trust you?

For most of my life, I didn’t believe in myself. I had no self-esteem at all. My self-esteem was lower than zero. I had no self-confidence.  I was a nerd in school before it was cool to be a nerd. I remember I had coke bottle glasses about that thick, I didn’t have shoulder-length hair and amazing personality that can attract women. I had an afro out here and I envy those men with the super-cool image. I was a scrawny geeky kid growing up in Kennedy Compound, Port, Maine. You can imagine how poor I was. My family was in a poor setting living in a rich neighborhood so I had everything stacked against me. As a result, I had no self-confidence, no positive outlook in life. I feel like a failure and all I can see are my weaknesses.  If you can relate to something like that, you probably didn’t have it as bad as I did or weren’t as shy and awkward as me. 

What is confidence and why is it important?

I didn’t have any trust in myself, I didn’t have any belief in myself and I didn’t have anyone to support nor help me. That’s one of the reasons why at the age of 25, I decided to commit suicide because I was so depressed, so frustrated, so lonely and so unhappy that I said, “Why am I here? I don’t need to be here. Nobody’s going to miss me if I’m not here.” Fortunately, at the very last moment, my life was spared.

But my point of the story is this: If you don’t have confidere – trust in yourself,  then it’s going to be hard for other people to trust you which means that as a result, you’re not going to be making the money you want to make. You’ll never have achievements or successes. You’re not going to have the time freedom, not having the energy, probably won’t have the relationships you want and you definitely won’t have the financial freedom that you’re looking for. These are some of the reasons why confidence is so important. Not being confident in your own skin may increase the negative feeling inside, disturbing questions that will not help you at all.

Let’s talk about how to gain confidence even if you don’t believe in yourself and even if you’re shy and introverted like me.

Project Confidence Tip #1: Find Your Purpose

Now, the first thing you need to do is to find your purpose. You’ve got what I call in my Power Habits® book and in my Power Habits® training, “find your because”. You got to find your because now. What does that mean? It means you’ve got to understand your purpose here on Earth. I just shared my experience when I attempted to commit suicide at the age of 25 because I didn’t know why I was here on Earth. Now even when I didn’t take my own life, it still took me another five long years and five years of study and hard work. I was reading all the spiritual teachers of our time — Marianne Williamson and Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay, Ernest Holmes, Neale Donald Walsh and other people like them. I would just try to find my purpose and in 1997, I found my purpose. I want to share my ideas and hopefully influence others with my principles.

I had two epiphanies that changed my life and I discovered first of all Afformations® which you can go to afformations.com and learn more about the shower that changed everything and how to change your subconscious thought patterns so you can change your beliefs and change your life. It has been an incredible eureka moment for me and now it has not only help in developing strategies for better performance but also improve other’s life.

Find Your Purpose

The second epiphany was when I discovered success anorexia which is why so many people starve themselves as success and that’s what I teach you in my book Power Habits®. The point was when I discovered my “because”, I was 30 years old. It wasn’t 30 that I knew why I was here on the Earth. That’s 30 long years of not knowing why, so you don’t have to go through that. How do you find your purpose? Well, I do talk about that in the Power Habits® book and empower habits account. There I share how to overcome this phenomenon, learning to take control and be assertive in every action I make.

One thing you can do right now is a very simple “ask easy exercise”. You’ll say, “What would I love to do if money was not an object? What would I love to do?” See everybody talks about out there, all the gurus say, “ Do what you love and the money will follow.” That is such a lie! That is one of the biggest and most costly mistakes out there in this industry, the industry of business and personal growth. It’s totally not true.

I love going to bookstores. I love going to libraries. I love reading books. Are you going to pay me for reading a book? No, you’re not! Nobody’s going to pay me for going to bookstores. Nobody’s going to pay me to lounge in the library but I enjoy it. That’s what I love so why isn’t the money following? It doesn’t make sense!

Well, because they forgot to tell you the most important part of that equation which is to know what you love, find what you love, and take action. But then, you’ve got to show other people why and how they will benefit from you. Like I help health professionals, course creators, and coaches to start and scale their online business to 30k per month. In online business, I help them do that in 90 days or less. That’s a really, really big value if you’d like to do that. I know that you’re interested and you’d like to start or scale your online business to 30k per month in 90 days. My task for you is this, you’ve got to know your purpose which I call on your “because”. I do teach you how to do that in Power Habits® Academy and my friends’ Powerbook. It is a key to unleashing your abilities and taking you into the zone, where your purpose lies.

Project Confidence Tip #2: Build the Right Habits

Secondly, you’ve got to have the right habits. You’ve got to take the right actions. Power Habits®  is really, actually very simple. The Power Habit® System that I developed and have created over the last two decades of working with people like you has played competent roles to achieve your life goal. I’ve helped to add six, seven, and even eight figures to their business. There are 11 total Power Habits®. These are the Power Habits® of unconsciously successful people meaning highly successful people, what they do without even thinking about it.

Build the Right Habits

You’ve got to find the right habits so that you can fulfill your purpose right. One of the habits that I’ll teach you is Afformations®. It is changing your subconscious thought patterns so you can stop stopping yourself from the success you’re capable of. All right there are 11 total Power Habits® out for me, the foundational habits, so you’ve got to have that foundation so when you’re building your house, your dream house, your dream life, and your dream business, you’ve got to have that foundation. That’s why everything starts with Afformations® but it doesn’t end there. You can find the difference between feeding yourself with positive reminders versus recognizing the skills you own through empowering questions. It is one of the easier tasks yet it gives you the knowledge and the urge to perform towards efficacy.

Project Confidence Tip #3: Relax and Breathe Properly

You’ve got to have the right half, you have your purpose, you gotta have the right habits and then the third step and tip you can do right now is you gotta breathe properly. Now, I know that sounds so simple. I think I knew I had to breathe and that’s great. Did you know that when you are stressed, tired, overwhelmed, when you’re feeling fear and in that fight or flight, you actually stop breathing? You’re not obviously stopping breathing completely but what happens is you breathe very shallowly. Have you ever been in that situation like maybe you’re wanting to talk to that person or even make a phone call or maybe even go on a video? And ends up, it is actually happening. You’re breathing very shallowly so you’ve got to actually learn how to calm your breath. One great way to do that is to just breathe in through your nose and then hold it for a few seconds then breathe out through your mouth. In through the nose, out through the mouth.

Doesn’t it feel better? You can literally connect to your authentic self in seconds just by breathing properly. Now, it might sound silly, might sound simple. It is really simple yet it’s not silly. It works like a charm. It works every time and you can actually notice that as you’re in that situation or even thinking about going into that stressful or that overwhelming situation,  that fearful situation. If you’re conscious of your body, you can start to feel your breath going and that’s the worst thing you could do. The best thing you could do for yourself at the moment is to breathe properly right into the nose, hold out through the mouth and you can literally get centered all the way to your diaphragm right down here.

Relax and Breathe Properly

By the way, I want to show how you can make money from me right now? If you’re struggling to find your purpose, you’re not sure what it is exactly you’re doing well. I will show you how to make money from me literally in the next 21 days, all you have to do is go to this website. First of all, I’ll give you some links of what I was talking about earlier so powerhabitsbook.com. That’s where you can get my Power Habits® book. You can also go to powerhabitsacademy.com and learn my Power Habits® academy online, and sendmeabooknoah.com wherein you can get my new book for free which is Get Rid of Your Head Trash About Money.

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Again, when you have the right purpose, the right habits, and when you breathe properly, that’s going to give you confidence in any situation even if you’re shy and introverted like me. Smile and start your Project Confidence now!


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    Author of 15 books including AFFORMATIONS® and Power Habits®


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