Transformational mentor Sara Simmonds pivots conscious leaders and their businesses to hone in on their unique hero products that make supercharged impact in 2021. With a specialty in product transformation, Simmonds laser focuses on what a person’s talents are, and whether the business is a physical item or service, she helps entrepreneurs find winning products/services that maximize success with her Your Real Power is You Mentorship Program.

She says, “With so much choice in the world, it is more important than ever to hone in on your one line that defines you and your business. The world has spoken and it doesn’t want more, it wants meaning and innovation, and it wants that delivered digitally and directly. What I enable CEOs to do is to unlock that unique part of them that is their super power, making them stand out from the crowd. We have enough stuff; I help you turn your ideas and products into real growth.”

Simmonds’ programs are providing tools to analyze top line figures and pinpoint which part of a business product portfolio makes customers happy and feel connected. Her formula is “working out why people come to you rather than others, and it’s always for certain reasons. Transforming yourself and your business to a hero product is getting clarity on these 3 reasons and then focusing your strategy around this.” Sara’s programs offer simplicity in order to catch those dream clients. In terms of a digital approach, Simmonds believes strongly that product launches work because they are limited in time, number, and are focused, so they can be properly executed.

From helping her clients digitize by creating the strategy of how they pivot their physical sales digitally, to empowering the development of a new gluten-free range of foods, Sara has built a implementation roadmap to scale businesses from $2,000,000 to $50,000,000 over 5 years, with other clients achieving 20-50% growth within 6 months of completing the program. Simmonds offers consumers a totally new reason to buy, and then defines this by connecting the message of innovation behind the business to potential clients who want to make a positive impact in their daily lives.

Simmonds’ Mentorship groups range from 6-12 months and include live coaching, mentoring, and training to transform your business. There are 5 elements to the program including: Brand Unique Super Power Uncovery, Conscious Reboot, Hero Product Overhaul, Digital Supercharge and Direct to Consumer Product Launch. The program is based on 3 core principles: Business, Impact and Conscious Evolution, turning profit to purpose.


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