This seems to be one of the most effective methods to limit the spread of the coronavirus across the globe. I’d want to discuss a few things. First and foremost, we will overcome this obstacle and emerge victoriously. You’re dealing with the aftermath of the corona virus’s healthcare crisis, as well as the effects of this drastic economic shift.

People are beginning to understand that as a result of these repercussions, millions of Americans will lose their employment, whether temporarily or permanently. It’s not going to be over in a few weeks, or even months. It will take time for the nation’s economy to recover from the hit, but it will. It hasn’t stopped.

These are simply observations from an old-timer who has been in the profession for 43 years and through downturns in the 1980s, early 1990s, and the 2000s. This isn’t meant to be a slumber party, yet it is.

House values would fall regardless of the twitchy-low interest rates. People will not react the same in terms of their perceptions of their homes, whether they are first homes, second homes, or vacation homes, when they lose their jobs, income sources, and risk $6 trillion in anticipated stock market losses. People’s viewpoints and behaviors are shifting.

I’d like to share some of my views on the subject. We fully expect that the best segment of the market will remain at the entry-level and rise up the ladder as a result of these incredibly low interest rates and that there will be huge opportunities due to rising unemployment that did not exist even a month ago for people who keep their jobs and have the financial means to purchase homes, who will benefit from such record low-interest rates.

However, if your business continues to depend on high-end clients, you may wish to diversify your customer base by branching out. It’s just a matter of historical data that during severe downturns, the upper end of the unit revenue scale falls and takes considerably longer to recover.

Finally, some of the changes that have occurred as a result of people hunkering down and working from home, scattered careers, the growth of online shopping, and the growth of eating out and commuting by dining, if you will, it is my opinion that all of the things we’re being asked to do to improve the way we work and live, in truth, we’re not going back to the old days.

Everything is changing thanks to the internet. It is changing not just the connection between producers and consumers, but also how schools and government institutions operate.

One of the major differences, according to Cash Offer Kentucky, will be when we finally figure out that we can teach people at the college level without having to incur the expense of sending them to expensive educational experiences, and that an increasing number of people will want to get their education in this manner and from very good university programs. There will be many advances as a result of the Corona virus, and people will not return to their previous lifestyles.

Finally, we’ll be leaving. We’ve already done so, and although the demographic and economic structure of our nation will take some time to recover, we’ll be able to do so. And the American ideal of owning a house will live on.


  • Christine Chen



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