When we connect our priorities and utilize a productive plan we will always see progress towards our best life.

This is proving to be a year like no other where we each question what our next steps should be. Even for people who have planned every possible area of life, it’s been a time to pause and process what the future will really hold. Millions of people are finding new jobs or creating businesses based on their experiences.

As a former event designer, I learned that designing events is quite similar to designing our journey in life and business. While we are each working towards our destiny, the planning process may not seem as simple. I’ve put together a few thoughts to help design your destiny.

Here are 3 design keys:

  1. Stay Focused
    I can’t stay ahead of trends without knowing what other stylists in my field are doing. With that said, I bring a unique blend of modern ideas, classic interests and cultural experience to be set apart from the competition. Reviewing those (previously mentioned) design notes allows me to focus on the vision and goal that was outlined. Even with a tweak in the plan, the objective never changes when celebrating milestones with my clients.
  2. Stay Organized
    Event designing is highly detail oriented. From brainstorming, to shopping, color schemes and more, each portion has a methodical base that must be followed. Checklists must be revised and reviewed. All tools must be utilized according to instruction. The planning process demands notes of all shared ideas. Every stylists or planner I have met uses their own system, but I can guarantee every successful one has an organization system to keep them successful.
  3. Stay Ready
    Carefully orchestrated designs will vanish when the idealized centerplate smashes onto the floor or the shipment gets delayed due to inclement weather. Preparation for the worst is the event designer’s motto. With that outlook, our clients can expect to receive the best. Life can also change at a moment’s notice. We must stay alert of the situations that could unfold and be ready to resolve the issues with proper attention to detail.

A series of events leads you to your destiny even when the moment makes little sense. The storyline is being built each day. Line by line, the events are connecting the dots to an image you have have thought to only be in your dreams. Each page is carefully designed to create a beautiful story. That beauty is your designed life journey to destiny.

These three steps became the foundation of my coaching framework, the Unlock Methodâ„¢ I’ve used over the past four years. When we connect our priorities and utilize a productive plan we will always see progress towards our best life. The journey never ends, but we do get to celebrate each milestone along the way.