Ever feel like you are throwing spaghetti at the wall when it comes to your marketing? Making posts? Sending direct messages?

Do you know the why behind these actions? Are you just doing these things because a mentor/coach/free guide told you to do this?

There has to be a goal behind every action in your business. Why do you do it? What is this action going to help you do? What will it solve?

I’m going to be taking you behind the scenes with some common practices we do in our online businesses and explain what your intentions behind these things could be!

1.) Sending direct messages/starting conversations with people

Holy cow – how many Facebook messages do you honestly get in a day?! If you are like me, probably more than a few. As you grow your business and your network, you are bound to have more connection than you know what to do with!

You also probably hear that “to build your audience, you have to network; which means sending out direct messages”. The amount of messages is vague. Many mentors or coaches out there may tell you to send 100 a week! I’m not that coach.

Let’s say for example you are going to send out five messages today. Ask yourself WHY are you doing this? Because someone told you? When you are sending out messages, the importance of this is to “build a connection” or “build your audience” or “build relationships”.

Here’s a simple formula; the people that I connect with are super important and so is my time. If I can’t learn from them, have them as a client or collaborate with them, I do not build that relationship. So if this person doesn’t fit into this category, then I do not proceed. This is YOUR business, and your time being spent. If you are going to message people as part of building your audience, set an end goal and make sure you are TRACKING your messages and who you connect with from now on (if you aren’t already!)

2.) Posting content

Here we go! Another HUGE one. Why do we post content? What is the “intention” behind this?

Truly it’s to connect with our audiences. But is that your reason?

My intention when I am posting things is to share my story. It could also mean for me to connect with my audience and even to teach my audience something that they are struggling with.

Content being posted and throwing things at the wall to see if they stick will be a tired practice very quickly. If you don’t have a reason or an end goal, why are you even doing it?

Develop the intention behind each of your posts. Is this going to teach someone something? Is this going to connect with my audience? Is this going to promote something of mine? Is this going to help me build my audience?

3.) Any other task in your business.

These first two are huge with my clients and can be very time consuming for every one. As far as every other task in your business, ask yourself WHY are you doing this? Does this fit into my end goal? Do these tasks fit into my core values and desires?

Why am I starting a podcast? Do I desire to be a podcast speaker or is this because everyone else is doing it? What feels right for me?

There are no wrong answers when it comes to developing YOUR business. Put everything you learn through your own filter!