Right now building your immunity and resilience is so important.

In order to do this you have to take a step back and look at the viewpoints of health so you can take your power back into your own hands.

Pasteur vs Bechamp

In the 1800s Louis Pasteur developed the germ theory which is the foundation of Western Medicine.

Pasteur’s view of disease is that it comes from the outside, you catch everything and no responsibility to you or the conditions of your body.

At that time there was huge funding for this viewpoint which gave rise to antibiotics, anti inflammatories and antidepressants commonly prescribed by the medical model.

At that same time Antoine Bechamp had a totally opposite view with his terrain theory also known as cellular theory. This perspective shows you that the soil, the conditions of the body determined the outcome with health. This understanding is the foundation of Naturopathy and Holistic Nutrition.

Huge responsibility given is to you for strengthening your inner environment and inner soil to strengthen your immune system. If you’re exposed to a microbe you’re less likely to get sick if your own inner environment is strong.

The germ theory keeps you in victim consciousness where you’re at the mercy of the outside and can’t do anything about it. This keeps you in fear and in the known.

The terrain theory evolves you into conscious co-creator where you’re responsible for cultivating the correct conditions in your body with proper hydration, alkaline nutrition, detox, rest and alignment with your true self.

I’ve been on this journey for a decade now and it’s taken me a long time to awaken out of victim consciousness and now I can see clearly why I called to do this work so I can guide you on your journey of returning home to your power and claiming sovereignty over your body.

It’s disempowering to view that disease comes from the outside and that you’re at the mercy to a power seperate to yourself.

It’s empowering to understand that you can cultivate a healthy inner environment by creating a wellness lifestyle centred on the pillars of hydration, alkaline and living foods, regular detoxification, sleep and rest. Thought patterns, emotional wellbeing and spiritual connection also play a massive role in your health and creating room for all aspects of yourself to express is what creates full health and quality of life.

At the end of the day if you’re not living true to who you really are your body will manifest disease to show you where you’re out of alignment.

Disease the greatest opportunity for growth and your symptoms are signpost for your evolution.

In the same way that the gene theory would have you believe that you’re born with a set of fixed genes and if you’re parents got a certain condition that you’ll inevitable get it.

The emerging science of epigenetics shows us that you have the ability to change the environment that can switch off disease causing genes and switch on regeneration in the cells of your body. This leap forward in consciousness has been paved by the work by many great thinkers like Bruce Lipton in the Biology of Belief.

Unravelling from the programming takes great courage which is why it’s not just about drinking green juices and meditating.

It’s a journey of returning home to yourself and reclaiming your power in a world full of illusory safety from the outside.

This is a call to return home and access your true power within no matter how many initiations and fears you have to walk through.

It’s maturing from your child self to your adult self where you’re home for your inner family and make choices based on trust not fear.

You build your resilience, immunity and belief each time you do the very thing that scares you the most and you come out the other side stronger and empowered in your ability to be a co-creator of your life.

You have the power within to create health and align with your true self so you can move from from fear to trust. Here you’re safe to enter the unknown and live your greatest self so you can share your gifts with the world. Isn’t that why you came here?

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