Did you know that you can leverage specific tools to help build your network with zero budget? That is true. Online social networks play a relatively significant role in connections between friends, business partners, colleagues, and family. According to statistics, 3.5 billion users globally are on social media. Facebook tops the list of popular social media platforms. Other statistics also show that 90.4% of millennials, 48.2% of baby boomers, and 77.5%of generation X are on social media. Therefore, brands and influencers can leverage social media to build a network. But is it possible to create a network with zero budget?

Ashwin Jacob At A Glance

Ashwin Jacob is one of those entrepreneurs who has built a vast network. He was born and raised in Boston by immigrant parents. Ashwin learned to speak English from watching television, which flamed up his passion for entertainment at a tender age. Ashwin had a dream to ‘connect.’ He wanted to build a lasting legacy of connecting people professionally. He not only wanted to unite them but also propel them into success. But how was he going to achieve this goal?

Use Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool when it comes to networking. You can choose to create content that adds value or one that inspires. Your content should be one that helps both people and brands. It would help if you had a digital footprint in the digital space. Ensure you have your presence on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, among others. You can spend time to ensure that the profiles are accurate and you post regularly on those platforms.
Ashwin has been at the forefront to help others learn and create networks on social media.

Reputation Management & Referral

Reputation Management and referrals are significant in getting wins and being chosen for consulting contracts. This method is one of the best in building networks, especially during this Corona period. Having a good reputation means having a good name that will call for return clients to your business. Right clients’ testimonials will bring you a fortune through referrals. Your clients are going to act as your referral points. Therefore, you can capitalize on them and use them as an advantage to grow your network.
Ashwin uses his story of overcoming adversity and finding his way into the national spotlight to inspire his customers and others with similar backgrounds to chase their dreams. His customers speak well of him, and he is the most talked to person in Los Angeles. People call him the real-life genie of Hollywood. When people speak well of him to others, his network continues to grow without any expenses involved.

Connect With People

Connecting with people and influencers was one of the top priorities of Ashwin Jacob. He knew that this was one method by which companies seek to promote their products and services. Ashwin started working with Fortune 500 companies such as NBC Universal, Disney, BMW, and Microsoft. When you check some of the notable names on his talent roster, you will see brands such as; hall of fame NFL wide-receiver Terrell Owens, Billboard Top-20 artist Greg Gatsby, viral sensation Jody Steel, YouTuber Dominic Show, among others.

Connecting with influencers has excellent benefits. It can quickly build your brand, which will attract attention and traffic. Also, connecting with influencers will help you improve your brand awareness. It will also enrich your content strategy and help you reach your target audience. You can also build winning partnerships. In the process, you will be able to carve your network without any costs.
When Ashwin Jacob created the New Hollywood LLC, he wanted to work with outstanding companies, organizations, and individuals to make a lasting impact on the world.

Events & Parties

Through events, hosting parties for celebrities, Ashwin’s network naturally grows without spending anything on networking other than genuine care and a time investment in getting to know people and their goals. Every year he hosts great business people and trendsetters in Los Angeles, CA, including notable events at Coachella, Art Basel, Tai Lopez’s Influencer Pool Parties, and Justin Combs’ Halloween Fright Night. As he connects talented people, the benefit is that his network grows.

Strategic Partnerships

Ashwin works with celebrities and brands doing strategic partnerships. He has hosted a top 20 podcast on iTunes and has done public speaking and lecturing for businesses and conferences. These strategic partnerships have helped Ashwin gain a new client base and new business territories. In the process, he has built his network.
Any entrepreneur can adopt the above strategies to grow their networks. For more information on growing your network, you can connect with Ashwin on;
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ashwinzjacob/
Website: https://ashwinjacob.com