Captivate Your Reader by Writing

No doubt! Creating engaging content and keeping your readers captivated are a painstaking task hence you should have a precise strategy for it. Nowadays, readers have a short attention span and you have to work accordingly otherwise your write-up is not just more than clutter. To captivate your reader by writing, smart writers grab the attention of readers from the beginning thus readers go through an article precisely. Following are some worth-noting steps to keep your readers captivated so take a look at them thoroughly.

Start with Essential Facts

Yes, kicking off with essential facts paves a way for you to grab the attention of your readers and summarize the story in 25 to 30 words. This practice leads your readers to the conclusion of your article and that is the ultimate achievement of any writer. In this highly competitive digital era, there is no space for dragging content hence you should never compromise on it and captivate your reader by writing as much as you can.

Consider Keeping your Content Succinct

As readers have a short attention span, you should focus on producing succinct content. It is essential to know that the readers never read more than 250 words before they start skimming. It means you should restrict to this word limit with summarizing your content entirely. It is another worth-noting step to captivate your reader by writing and achieve your goals.

Avoid Using Passive Voice

Using passive voice while writing drags your content and eventually, your reader loses his/her attention and jumps into other write-ups. The practice of using active tense keeps you in the game and you attract more readers to your write-ups. Active tense enables you to stay away from producing wordy content that kills the readers’ attention hence gear up to avoid passive voice while creating content.

Communicate with Something New

Always remember that in this digital era, readers are very smart and they are never ready to absorb the information they already know. Therefore, you should ensure that whatever knowledge you provide, is new to your readers hence they will get engaged with your content till the end. It boosts up your chances to captivate your reader by writing and enables them to opt for the call to action that is the dream of any passionate writer.

Think of Human Interest

While people are interested in the current political situation, latest medical treatments, or what the weather condition will be tomorrow, put a human face to your story. This practice creates an emotional connection thus your readers get engaged with your content and you captivate your reader with writing properly.

Ignore Jargon

When it comes to making the content readable for people of every walk of life, you should avoid jargon. It does not only make your content readable but it also drives more readers intending to go through it thoroughly. Consider using simple words in your content and if there is any technical term so explain it precisely with knowing the word limits you have.

Think of Using Quotes

Filling up your content with quotes is another good idea to keep your readers captivated. While adding quotes, you should ensure that they stick to your content otherwise your reader may get diverted to another write-up. Citation is also very important while adding quotes because it can question the authenticity of your content.

Wrapping it up

All these above-mentioned steps are essential to follow while aiming to keep your readers captivated and provoke them for the call to action. All these steps enable even a fresh writer to come up with quality content that has the potential of captivating readers highly.


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