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There are many reasons to change theory test, but now the main reason is COVID-19. About 210,000 applicants have changed their theory test date in the UK during the lockdown. DVSA website also cancels theory test dates to avoid their coronavirus. All those whose tests have been cancelled or change theory tests are informed by DVSA vis email or text message. DVSA sent an email to everyone whose test date had been changed due to lockdown and gave them a new test date to perform their driving test. When COVID-19 disease arrives and spreads worldwide, the UK government has decided to close all centres and change theory test date in the UK to avoid more coronavirus cases.

change theory test date in UK

Most Important Steps to Change Theory Test Date:

Some essential steps to change theory test date in UK are given below:

It is too much easy to change theory test date through the DVSA website. The applications must need the following things:

  1. Exact name ( as it appears on your driving license)
  2. Date of birth
  3. Provisional license number

Then, candidates are free to change their theory test to an earlier date! They’re free to look for an appointment at the same test centre as they existing test or look elsewhere to see better availability.

Test of DVSA:

Before lockdown, the applicants who booked their test date rescheduled from the DVSA website, their test have also been cancelled because the UK government wasn’t allowed to restart the test date. After it’s too much difficult to rebooked their test date seat after opening lockdown because the majority of the applicants want to rebook their test slots as soon as possible. The applicants who lived far from the test centre faced too many difficulties of enormous traffic. They start again booking test on 14 of September but centres given time to the applicants up to 18 weeks. It’s a very long time to prepared for their driving test, but applicants accept it; otherwise, there is no choice. It’s too much easy to get new test date in centres of less populated cities. Applicants want to keep an eye on the DVSA website to get a booking and if they get a free slot, book it as soon as possible.

Some Important Safety Instructions:

Some important safety instructions that must be followed by the applicants and staff:

  • All applicants want to wear masks at all times in a centre.
  • Candidates also wear gloves.
  • Faces masks and gloves will not be provided at the test centre.
  • Hand sanitiser will be provided in the test centre.
  • Applicants must have a social distance. It’s very important for both applicants and staff for their physical health.
change theory test

How to Get a Test Date From Theory Bot:

Theory Bot is the best website and offers many types of scans according to your budget. If you’re busy with your schedule and want to change the test date, you must join Theory Bot today and choose the scan according to your budget. Almost all scans are very cheap, but you should select the scan that is best according to your demand.

They have an automation bot for this purpose. This bot will Start looking for cancellation, and whenever it finds any cancellation in your area, it reserves for you. After you reserve your seat, they’ll inform you as soon as possible through text message or email.

They offer very cheap price services to their clients. After submitting your name, it’s the responsibility of Theory Bot to find the best way for your driving test as soon as possible.