The world is rapidly changing before our eyes, bringing along with it many unknowns and uncertainties. In the shuffle of all the social distancing and isolating, rationing and disinfecting and a chaotic news cycle, it’s easy to get caught up in fear and panic.

But what if this wasn’t just a global crisis — what if it’s also an opportunity? An opportunity to recognize how intimately intertwined we all are as humans. An opportunity to stop and reflect on what’s important, what’s vital, and what and who we truly care about.⁠ An opportunity to reevaluate our relationships with ourselves, with others and with the world around us. An opportunity to grow, to shift and to transform.

It seems like the world has given us a time out, and it’s up to us to take advantage of the pause however we can. Whether you’re holed up at home or are continuing on with your duties so others can have groceries, food, medicine or essential services, here are six ways to channel your energy during this unusual time.⁠ (Of course, please prioritize staying safe and being prepared above all!)

Disconnect From Fear Sources⁠

It’s natural to want to stay informed, but a 24/7 diet of cable news will only stoke unnecessary fear and panic within you. (Same with endless scrolling through social media absorbing negativity and gossip.) Seek out smart, reliable, trusted and positive sources.⁠⠀


In a time when external noise seems even louder than usual, a meditation practice is vital. Tuning the outside world out for even just 20 minutes will help quiet your mind and keep you aligned. I’m a huge proponent of Transcendental Meditation but there are also plenty of free guided meditations available including the Headspace app.

Use Your Time Out Effectively⁠

Keep moving toward your dream in whatever small accessible ways you can. Many things may be on hold right now, but pursuing what turns you on doesn’t have to be — and you may find yourself with newfound free time in your schedule to work toward it. I am currently holed up working on a book, something I had convinced myself I’d never find the time for. Use this pause to your advantage however you can.

Seek Out What Lights You Up

Surround yourself with resonance however you can, whether it’s reading books that inspire you, deep diving into research on a topic that you’re passionate about or staying in communication with the people that give you energy. We’re practicing social distancing and many shops and libraries are closed, but FaceTime is a great option and so are e-books.

Focus on Connecting With Others

With social distancing in effect, switch to online connections. Facetime, Zoom or Skype your friends and loved ones to tell them how much you much care and express that while you may be physically separated, you are still fully here for them. Keep the drama talk to a minimum because that’s not true connection; focus more on heart talk and spreading positive thoughts during these tough times.

Remember Your Resiliency⁠

You have made it through challenging times before and you will do it again. Focus on how resilient you are within your own being and remember how resilient we are as a species.⁠ With luck, we’ll emerge from this period with a newfound sense of clarity around what’s truly important.

Energy Is Contagious, Too⁠

Be sure you’re spreading the good in the world and looking for the positive in every situation. Share positivity on social media, call or text a friend or loved one who may be feeling lonely and send positivity out into the world however you can. You’ve been developing these tools for a while — now is the time to put them to use!⁠

Wherever this finds you, stay safe and be kind to yourself by not entertaining too much fear. We’ll all get through this together.


  • Suzy Batiz

    CEO & Founder

    Poo~Pourri & Supernatural

    Transformation is the common thread that runs throughout founder and creator Suzy Batiz’s life and her companies. Whether transforming the bathroom into a pleasant-smelling experience with Poo~Pourri, the household cleaning industry from toxicity to aromatherapeutic magic with supernatural or people’s lives with her growing portfolio of ALIVE OS™ courses, Suzy is a revolutionary explorer of infinite potential in the playground of life. She loves to inspire others and bring them along for the ride, with energy being her native tongue.

    Suzy experienced some of life’s lowest lows — poverty, sexual and domestic abuse, depression, two bankruptcies and a suicide attempt — leading to what she calls the luxury of losing everything. Through her journey of liberation from a lifetime of oppression, convention and conformity, she discovered the power of pattern-breaking thinking and curated a radical “Trinity of Transformation.” Harnessing the energy of intuition and transformation, Suzy built her businesses from the ground up without ever taking a dollar of outside investment, building ALIVE IDEAS into a nine-figure empire.

    As creator of each brand, Suzy currently serves as Chief Visionary Officer and Chairwoman of Poo~Pourri, CEO of supernatural and Chief Explorer of ALIVE OS™. She continues to build her brands using the transformative principles that she now shares with the world through ALIVE OS™, embodying her belief that our external world is simply a reflection of our internal state of being.


    Suzy has been featured by leading publications including The New Yorker, Forbes, TODAY, People, CNBC, Fast Company and Entrepreneur. She has been named one of Forbes’ Richest Self-Made Women in America (2019, 2020), EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year (2017), Conscious Company’s World Changing Women (2019), EarthX’s Community Leader of the Year (2019) and is WBENC (Women Owned) certified business owner. Suzy has also been interviewed for Leaders Create Leaders, Modern Hero & Marie Forleo’s Marie TV and has given presentations for Conscious Capitalism, Google, HustleCon, SXSW, Create & Cultivate & the In goop Health summit.