A good enough sleep boosts your energy so you can have all the fun of outdoor activities. But a cold, lumpy ground will discourage your peaceful sleep as well as your adventure. Therefore, using quality bedding for a peaceful sleep is crucial if you want to start another day with excitement.

Let’s look at some concerns that are helpful in your bedding selection and worth your money.

Keep in Mind the Bedding Weight:

It is a big concern if you are going hiking or into the backcountry. You would not like to keep lifting weight instead of enjoying the journey. Therefore, get a camping bed according to how much you can afford to raise and for how long.

Luckily, multiple options are available in the market to make a choice easier for you.

In the case of a camping cot, the average aluminium frame weighs almost 9kg while heavy steel or bigger beds weigh more. Lighter cot varieties are also available that weighs around a kilogram.

Air beds’ weight also lies in the same scenario of 9kg, and some lighter ones are also available.

  • Go for what makes you comfortable in lifting as well in monetary terms.

Portability is Important:

If you are going for one or two days to travel only, then portability is essential. Carrying a camped in your bag pack would be a lot easier for short travels.

  • Grab a bed that packed down completely and easily adjust into your bag pack.

Make Sure Assembly is Quick:

One of the most critical factors for good bedding is its assembly process. Ask the manufacture of how easily it gets assembled.

Some camping beds unfold into the correct position in seconds, while others require your effort.

In this scenario, air beds are most accessible to set up as you must unroll it and then inflate.

  • Keep in mind; even the simplest assembly requires some practice. So, do make your camping beds before using them during adventures.

Make Sure a Comfortable Fabric:

Another crucial factor that determines the durability and comfort of the bedding is its fabric. Many camp cots use a single layer of material of nylon and polyester. Well, these are easy to clean and supportive.

There are other options like cotton fabric or meshed fabric. The mesh fabric will allow air exchange to make the internal environment cooler. Good for summers.

  • Keep in mind to dually check whether its puncture-proof or not, and is it easy to inflate and deflate.

Comfort and Support:

A camping bed should have a reliable support system to stay put during heavy winds etc. The support gear includes a spring system or a fabric tension or both to keep it upright.

Your top priority out of bed is getting a comfortable sleep. So, some beds come with extra bedding to add value to your comfort.

  • For an extra cushion and insulation, but the mattress topper on a camping cot.
  • For additional comfort, you can choose a bed that comes with a pillow-top design.

Choose a Moderate Size:

The size range is varying on camping cots from very small to the largest. The average size range is usually 63.5cm wide and 190.5cm long when assembled.

  • ●        It’s up to your height and space you want to get for your sleep. Get a bedding camp that suits well for your sleep adjustments.

Get a Bedding with Frame:

Bedding with frames is very common, but they feature best for your peace. Because its structure supports and sustains the camping bed. Some frames are heavy because they are made of steel, while others are light in weight made of aluminium.

The bottom line:

Its always good to test out the camping bed first before losing mind on a journey. Put your needs first, and then ask for the available option. The one-point plan is making sure adequate support and padding for your needs.


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