The most basic way to water the garden is with the hose, but if due to laziness, lack of time or because we spend long periods away from home … we cannot dedicate much time to this activity, it is best to install a programmed automatic sprinkler system. In this way we make sure that the entire garden, orchard or lawn – it depends on what you have – receives the daily water it needs.

Get a smart sprinkler controller and connects to the water tap or solenoid valves and allows you to determine the days, hours and duration of sprinkler. It is a very comfortable device that takes care of your plants even when you are away from home for several days.

  • The use of controllers frees you from the daily task of watering your garden.
  • The controllers adapt to any sprinkler system. Sprinkler controllers are small devices that will allow us to control our sprinkler system, regardless of what we have.
  • There are different models depending on the type of operation, the extension and the areas that need to be watered and the complementary accessories that are required.
  • With efficient controllers you can save up to 25% in water consumption to water the garden.

Sprinkler controller’s characteristics

 Controllers are electronic devices – analogue or digital – that automate the watering of gardens, pots and orchards.

They allow to program sprinkler cycles with a schedule, duration and frequency of the water supply. Each type of plant requires an amount of water and a number of sprinklers per day.

The type of sprinkler also influences — sprinkling, dripping, exudation, fogging—, the soil, the climate and the time of year. They usually have preset programs, which simplify their handling, or they can be configured manually.

Here are some important benefits:

  • Saving water. The water supply with the use of the controller is more efficient. The savings will be even greater if you program it so that the garden is watered at night or at dawn, when the pressure is maximum and there is no evaporation due to the effect of the sun.

In addition, there are controllers that have a rain and dryness sensor accessory, to water only when necessary.

  • Save time and effort. With this option you will not have to dedicate your time and your dedication to manual watering.
  • Retrench of space. Buried automatic watering clears planted spaces of hoses and other items needed for manual watering.
  • Safety for your plants. It does not matter if you are not at home for vacations or schedules. With a controller your plants will always be watered since the device works autonomously.
  • Sprinkler quality improvement. In addition, it is also a beneficial system for plants because with these devices the water is distributed more evenly than if we do it manually with a hose.
  • Multifunctional. Some models allow dosing the liquid fertilizer supply in

Tips for more efficient use of sprinkler

The best times to water are the first hours of the day and the last hours of the afternoon. In summer, it is best to water at night. If you water at these times you will prevent the water from evaporating before reaching the root and you will be saving water. 

To extend the useful life of the sprinkler system it is important that each summer you check the pipes that make up the sprinkler system, in order to avoid or fix possible water leaks.

If you have a sprinkler system with sprinklers, adjust them from time to time to regulate possible misadjustments; without forgetting the rain and humidity sensors. These accessories guarantee an optimal and efficient consumption of the sprinkler system.

In short, having a sprinkler controller is an economical option and, above all, easy to install. Just follow the manufacturer’s instructions.


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