As a multi-passionate woman there are times where all the opportunities can seem overwhelming instead of like the blessing it actually presents. We have to make the choice to be driven by our ambition instead of coming across a flaky or indecisive.

At some point along the way you have asked yourself these questions dozens of times. What are you doing? Where are you going? Does it have meaning or pupose? Can you make a lasting impact? Will it leave a legacy?

Designing your journey in business (and life) is no easy task. There are so many steps done in various ways to climb the mountain of success. Detours and distractions are bound to happen, but it’s important to recognize the obstacles and strategically go beyond as you achieve your goals.

Steps to follow your direction:

  1. Identify your biggest distraction.
    Think of the person or activity that is taking you away from your goals. It may not be possible to be removed immediately, but lessen the time spent for starters.
  2. Write out your goals.
    Plan the steps to reach your destination, but also know where you are heading. The written word has power and significance greater than any thought.
  3. Make the choice.
    Positive thoughts and supportive people keep you focused on the transformation at hand. A clear and confident mindset allows for action that makes an impact.
  4. Move forward
    Even if you wobble or falter, keep moving towards your success. A crawling baby will still get further than if she never tried to movr. Actions speak even louder than words so get up and get moving

Direction is an intended route towards a destination. The reason we set goals is because they define the direction in which we can accomplish our dream. Assuming I avoid distractions and keep my mind focused on the direction that I’m heading, my goals remain attainable.

Having multiple interest can seem like a double-edged sword if there is no plan and purpose. I personally had to choose which passions to pursue as a business and those that will remain hobbies. The most important thing was to connect my zones of genius in a way that unlocks my success and creates a roadmap of opportunities for those that follow behind me.