Which chandelier to choose according to the size and style of the dining room?

The chandelier: a decorative element not to be overlooked in such a room. The dining room turns out to be the living room par excellence. The choice of Chandeliers Lighting appears to be fundamental for successful decoration and lighting. It will be all the more important if the style of the room is refined.

Even during the day, the Chandeliers Lighting dominates and highlights this main piece of furniture, the table. It is also placed above the central element, usually a vase, a green plant or an orchid. In the evening, it lights up the dishes and table decoration for the daily meal or reception with family or friends.

The size of the chandelier adapted to the room and the reception table

The size should be in accordance with that of the room. Indeed, some fixtures are very long or very wide (like the kitchen fixture); they correspond to large living rooms. Compared to the table, the crystal chandelier must take 3 times less space than this one. In a very modern style and in tune with the times, several chandeliers can be aligned in the case of a large table. It is also possible to opt for a hanging Chandeliers Lighting in a horizontal bar or arch.

The size of this light must also adapt to the type of table: square, round or rectangular. This long chandelier model remains ideal for a rectangular table, in alignment with it. A smaller round pendant lamp blends much better with the decor with a table devoid of angles.

Shape and design in line with the desired lighting

The brightness transmitted by the chandelier remains an essential element to take into account. In the dining room, it lights up the family and sometimes a group of guests for the duration of a meal and sometimes more.

To avoid glare, it must allow the insertion of warm-coloured bulbs, with low and economical lighting, from 60 to 75 watts. The intensity will still depend on the distance between the chandelier and the table.

The best light is to place the chandelier 90 cm from the table and in the center. However, a height-adjustable light fixture can make a place on the table more or less intimate or light up all the guests.

The colors and the material to adopt

The color of the luminaire is very important and must be chosen according to the intensity of the desired lighting. The dark color helps absorb the light and make it subdued.

On the other hand, the crystal chandelier brings a more striking brightness. The colors must be in opposition with those of the dining room: a room painted in white and decorated with light decorative touches will rather require a chandelier of dark color and vice versa.

The ideal chandelier for this or that decorative type

The chandelier itself remains quite large because it has several arms and is embellished with candlesticks, lampshades, various shapes in crystal or porcelain. He then beautifully adorned the large rooms with fairly high ceilings. On the contrary, it can perfectly enhance a piece with a refined style thanks to its large, original body as well as its tassels or other feathers. This type of luminaire is today updated in very contemporary styles.

The chandelier seems much less imposing for a small room with a more modern style: a single cable connects the sphere, the hemisphere or the cone to the ceiling. It is possible to find different forms but this pendant light brings a little less originality to the room.