Do you know coffee machines start building up calcium deposits with the passage of time? So, it’s a must to perform descaling to remove such buildups. As a result, you can ensure the longevity of your machine and maintain its working condition.

If you wonder How to clean my nespresso, then the post will help you a lot. So, to maintain the proper functioning of your Nespresso coffee machine, it’s essential to go for descaling on a daily basis.

To make sure to get the best-flavored coffee every time, descaling is a must. Remember, you need to descale the same following every 300 capsules.

How can you Descale Your Nespresso Coffee Maker?

  • Actually, descaling nespresso is not a difficult task and you can easily perform it by following the steps below.
  • Already having your descaling kit? Now, it’s time for preparing your coffee maker. Remember, model-wise, the descaling procedure might differ a bit. But, the beginning step will be the same throughout.
  • First, you need to just remove used capsules (if any) from your coffee maker followed by emptying the respective capsule container.
  • Now, it’s time for placing fresh water of the appropriate amount into the specific water container. Then, mixing within a sachet of the respective descaling solution will be the next task.
  • Just check out the amount of water the specific coffee machine needs by going through the user guide. You can also find the same on the specific Nespresso website.
  • It’s time for keeping a pot that’s able to accommodate one liter of water below the respective coffee outlet. Turning the coffee machine on will be the next work.
  • In order to initiate the descaling procedure, just press one or multiple buttons, based upon the models you’re having. For instance, when it comes to the VertuoLine, holding the singular button for seven seconds at the minimum would be the task.

And when it’s about the Inissia, Citiz, and the Pixie, pressing the two flashing buttons at once for three seconds would be your next work. When it comes to the Prodigio, just press each of the three buttons for the duration of three seconds.

  • As a result, the descaling procedure will begin and it will take around 10 minutes. For some particular coffee machines, refilling its water tank by using the used solution later on followed by repeating of the process will be the next tasks.
  • After the coffee maker runs its cycle, it’s time for rinsing its water container followed by pouring fresh water into that. And then, you need to operate the cycle one more time for the next 10 minutes. This time, no descaling solution will be needed in the water.
  • It’s time for emptying as well as rinsing your coffee maker’s drip tray. In order to come out of the descaling mode, pressing the same buttons (whatever you’d pressed to begin it) one more time will be the next task. Allow the Nespresso coffee machine to dry for the duration of 10 minutes prior to using it.

Now, you’re well familiar with the descaling procedure of your Nespresso machine. It’s time to start thinking about it as early as possible.