living room full of light

They say that there’s no place like home. It’s where we should feel most comfortable and shed all of the leftover stresses of our day. Even though our homes are supposed to be bastions of relaxation and safety, it’s not uncommon for them to fill up with negative energy. 

When many of the things that shake up your life happen within these walls, negativity can build up and create another stressful environment that reinforces negative feelings. It’s important that you take steps to ensure your home retains its positive atmosphere. 

1. Clean up the clutter

A cluttered home leads to a cluttered mind, and vice versa. When your home is a mess, you’re inevitably going to feel some level of anxiety over having to clean it up and put things in order. The sooner you get down to de-cluttering, the sooner you’re going to rid yourself of the stress of living in such an environment.

Start with the furniture arrangement in your rooms. Are things positioned well enough to give you space to get around? If you’re constantly bumping into things or squeezing between the couch and wall, you might want to switch up the position of your furniture. Arrangements that follow the principles of Feng Shui make for a comfortable and peaceful living space. 

Make a mental list of all the things that are absolutely essential. If your shelves are packed and your desks are overflowing with decorations, some of those things probably aren’t essential. Once you figure out what you truly value, cleaning up the rest will become a piece of cake.

2. Break the silence

What does your home sound like? For most people, nothing is the most likely answer. People enjoy a calm and silent atmosphere. On the other hand, have you ever been to a home where music is a constant part of the background ambience? It adds a refreshing boost of energy and atmosphere, as long as the music is picked out with care. 

Music can add personality to your home even when you’re busy doing the most mundane of tasks. If every experience is enriched with the sound of new and inspiring music, you’re going to find that your day goes by without a care in the world.

The kind of music you pick out is very important. It shouldn’t be something that evokes too much of an emotional response. Instead, something calm or neutral is the preferable option. Jazz music is a favourite option for many, as it has more than enough of a diverse sound, while still giving off a relaxing vibe. 

3. Introduce some aromatherapy

The scent of your home is just as important as the visual and auditory aspects. Smell is one of the more overlooked senses, even though it’s very well connected with our emotions and our state of mind. This is why a photograph can bring back memories, but the smell of a perfume can make you relive a memory in its entirety, down to the very emotions you felt.

Even something as simple as burning incense can make you perceive your home in a different way. If you feel like your home is positively affected by a certain kind of scent, you should consider using it every now and then. Candles are great for introducing familiar and new scents into your home, while also giving you a bit of natural light to go along with it. 

Aromatherapy has been gaining a lot of ground in the past few years. Everything from essential oil diffusers to aromatherapy candles has been shown to positively affect mood and productivity. Scents are introducing a new kind of dimension to home décor, one that is worth trying out. 

4. Add some lush natural greenery

If you’ve ever spent a significant amount of time in nature, you’ve experienced the tranquil and calm feeling that it brings. Inviting some of that natural tranquillity into your home can do wonders for your mental and physical health. The mere presence of plants in the home has been shown to increase concentration and lead to a more focused state of mind. There’s something about the green leaves and smell of nature that appeals to our minds and makes them feel at home.

There are lots of indoor plants that can decorate your living space. Potted plants are relatively easy to take care of and they don’t require a lot of your attention or time. Watering them and exposing them to a minimal amount of sunlight should be enough to keep them green and growing. 

The best part is, these plants can serve as perfect décor to give your rooms some unusual shapes and colours. The green hues of plants go well with just about any interior, giving you a lot of breathing room to experiment with your taste and produce brilliant results.

5. Practice positivity

A big part of staying positive is reminding yourself that there are lots of wonderful things worth living for. When you’re always stuck in a loop of doom and gloom thoughts, you’re going to find it difficult to spend time alone in your home. The negativity builds up and you find yourself thinking about bad things more than you should. 

This is why you have to constantly reinforce positive thoughts when they come to you. It’s as easy as writing a motivational note and sticking it on your bulletin board. Whenever you think of something that makes your day, just write it down and save it for moments when you’re feeling down.

Remember to also keep some visual reminders of wonderful moments on your walls. Framed photographs are the pride and joy of your home and looking at them from time to time will invigorate your spirit. 


The negative energy inside of your home can manifest itself by affecting your productivity and mental state, which further increases the negative energy. It’s a repetitive cycle that pulls you back in, which is why it’s crucial that you break out of it. Consider some of these measures as a way to protect yourself and your home from negative energy and create a productive environment for yourself.