A Quick Formula

There are many reasons why you may be afraid to see the doctor. I get it. It’s easy these days to make the excuse that they are not going to give you an answer anyway so why bother. Healthcare sucks. They don’t even listen. Blah blah blah. I have to call you out here on some bullshit. Hiding behind that excuse just perpetuates the challenge. If you believe you are not getting good treatment then isn’t it your responsibility to change that? The truth is that there are good doctors out there and not so good. Whether our “system is broken” or not the where your energy and attention should go when it comes to taking care of your body.
The truth is that you have so many choices. So many alternatives. And if you so choose not to see a doctor then that is a perfectly fine choice too. That is a blog for another day and I can have so much fun speaking to that topic. 
This right here is about when you are in pain or feel that something is wrong. But you talk yourself out of going to the doctor. Let’s just assume that you have issue and you know deep inside you need to address it. The next reasonable step would be to make an appt with your GP to get checked out. Then you hesitate. Why? 
One reason that I am specifically addressing here is that you simply don’t know what to say. Well that is an easy solution…one I have been helping my high-achiever clients with for years. Because if there is one thing I know, us high achievers hate to feel less than knowledgeable. So going to the MD can make you feel really vulnerable. I get it and here’s how you can shift that right now. Get empowered by preparing yourself with what to say. It will also save you time…which as leaders is super valuable and ha ha…becomes another excuse as to why you don’t go to the doctor. “I don’t have time.”
Peeps, it’s your body!!!! That is the one and only thing that you ever have full time for. Let’s face it. Without a working body nothing else freaking matters!
So here is a super easy formula to show up prepared for your appointment at the physician:
1-Tell them what you are going to tell them. 
With all the info swirling around in your head you can get pretty paralyzed. Simply say what you want to say. Like what would you say when you come home at night and tell someone how you are feeling. “OMG! I am having this pain. It started ____________. It’s freaking feeling like _________ right _____________”
2-Tell them the thing.
I am feeling _____________ right ______________Can you help figure out  why I feel __________ right now?  Here are some more details when I started feeling this way and why I think I feel this way.
3-Tell them what you told them.
1-2 sentences! How I am feeling. Why I think it is. What can you tell me. When will you know the answer.

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