How to conduct Awesome Telehealth Consultations

Hi guys, it’s Darren from Nookal here.

Recently we have all been through a great deal of change, and this is a great opportunity to improve our systems as well as embrace the future and new technologies.

Today I would like to take some time and have a chat about telehealth consultations – how to prepare and make your service look as professional as possible. Then you can focus on your clients remotely.
Here’s are some steps to get you up and running fast:

Prepare your online consultation space. Choose a clean, quiet space with limited background noise. If you are going to be teaching a class, make sure you give yourself enough space and that your participants will be able to see you and follow along. Make sure you prepare your equipment. 

Consider the tech equipment you are planning to use during the consults  The camera, internet connection, microphone. Most internet-connected devices will get you started – either a desktop, tablet or smartphone. You won’t need a fancy microphone or camera (the one on your device will do) but we do recommend using headphones to limit background noise.

How to choose the right video software that works for you. There are tons of video conferencing tools available that you can use. Choose one that works for you. You may already be using Physitrack or Coviu with your Nookal account, but some other popular ones are FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts – just make sure they are suitable for telehealth in your region.Remember make sure you do your research first.

Make it easy for patients to join. Customize a booking reminder specific to online consultations or classes to include video access details/links and tips on what to do if they are unable to connect (such as a phone number to call).

Take your notes. Similar to a face to face consultation, you can complete clinical notes as you go through your online consultation directly on the device you’re using. Make sure you have the ability to document clinical notes ready to record the consult  in addition to enough file storage if you are going to record and save the consult.It is also important here you gain consent prior to the consult, much like in a face to face consult, in order to proceed. It must be informed, relevant, free and voluntarily given. It might be worth sending them your electronic forms prior to the telehealth consult to make the process smoother.

Ensure you finish with a plan and continue to engage with them.Continue your on-going engagement with patients via online prescription tools such as our exercises integrations (TrackActive, Physitrack or Physiotec) or using tools that automate recalls.

Schedule the next booking. With online consultations – make it a part of your workflow to schedule the client’s next booking as they won’t be passing by reception on the way out. Ensure that payment has been taken – Nookal will be release an online payment gateway real soon.

Finally – Privacy –Lastly and most importantly, don’t forget to make sure you are maintaining compliance with the privacy laws in your region or professional bodies you are associated with. Privacy and security are paramount.

I hope you’ve found this video helpful, and you and your team stay safe and healthy.

Look forward to chatting next time with you.

Nookal is a provider of Practice Management Software for the allied health industry. They offer practice management solutions to help health clinics streamline their administration systems, effectively manage their business and improve efficiency and productivity.