Remote work during Covid-19

WHO recently declared the coronavirus outbreak a global pandemic that has affected more than 140 countries so far Infecting more than 960,000 people around the world. Amid these crises, governments and people are trying to take all precautionary measures possible. Many countries have gone to either partial or complete lockdown, but one thing that is making everyone worry is about their businesses and how they are going to market their products. Many business owners are finding their answers in remote working and online advertising.

Remote working and digital advertising were already becoming popular in the world, even before the virus struck. Many businesses in Canada are already outsourcing their work and are remotely hiring employees to do their tasks. And marketing products and services online have already taken root. This process is both cost-effective and mutually beneficial for the company and the staff. Now, with an even bigger problem at hand, that is everyone’s safety; organizations are now becoming bound to opt for this solution.

Here we discuss some of the ways where you can help your organizations and employees to work without any corona-panic:

Know About COVID-19

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is a highly contagious viral infection that causes severe acute respiratory syndrome. The COVID-19 virus belongs to a coronavirus family, so named because of their crown-like appearance, and like other members of the family, SARS, and MERS, it is equally dangerous.

The death rate of the virus itself is not very high (1-5% depending upon the health status of the patient) but, due to its highly contagious nature and incubation period of 14-28 days, the virus can infect a large number of people in very less time, without anyone noticing.

This property of the virus creates a challenge for health departments around the globe, and with poor management or a limited number of hospital beds, the virus can destruct many lives. Due to this, it has become necessary to limit human-to-human contact and to maintain personal hygiene, so the virus does not infect you even when you touch a contaminated surface.

Being fully aware of the signs and symptoms of the disease can go a long way for everyone. Some of the symptoms are dry cough, fever, runny nose, and difficulty breathing in severe cases.

Notify the Staff

To stop this disease from spreading to the employees, it is essential that the organization timely notifies them about the condition, its precautionary measures, and necessary hygiene steps. If the workplace is still active, then critical facilities should readily be available for disinfecting the office.

Discuss Hygiene Measures

Ask the management to discuss hygiene etiquette and other possible discreet measures with the staff. Put posters and pamphlets out to spread knowledge about the virus and how we can control it. In case of any suspected case, immediately take action to protect him as well as other people around him. Send reminder emails to the staff for maintaining hand sanitation and respiratory etiquette.

Work from Home Policy

Work from home is the best way to contain the virus around the organization. With an already failing global economy, everyone in any firm must stay healthy. If you’re a small business and are worried about how to take things further, you can always outsource or consulting from digital marketing agencies. This is also a good time to start working on your digital marketing plans.

Whatsoever, with access to the internet everywhere, it has now become a lot easier to work on remote working policy than it was ever before.There are ways you can keep track of their performance, and if it all, the productivity goes up if the company gives free hands to its employees.

Reconsider the Sick Leave Policies

In the middle of the pandemic, your employees mustn’t feel that they can’t get paid leaves if they become sick. On the company’s part, this would be a massive mistake. Send out all the changes in the policies, so the employees make their health the top priority.

These are some of the ways you can follow to keep the health of your organization intact. With the pandemic growing at an exponential rate, everyone must play its part to keep people around them safe and healthy.