How to control minds

It is easy for some people to control their mind, but it is very difficult for others. The conflict of mind and brain often continues inside many of us. When we fail to control ourselves rather our mind control ourselves, it becomes increasingly difficult for us to do the necessary things properly. You may have been trying to control your eating habits for a long time, you need to lose weight, but when you find alluring foods, you no longer have control over yourself. Again, you may need to sit for exams, read, but you may not be able to get up in front of your favourite video games or serials. In this way, even if it seems like a small thing at the first push of losing to our own habits, we can easily understand how much it hurts us if we think about it.

So each of us needs to have the ability to control ourselves. And for those of us who find it difficult to control ourselves, we can easily control ourselves by adopting several methods. All that is needed is a little goodwill and strong morale. So let’s see without delay how we can easily bring our minds under control by adopting some simple methods.

Stop thinking too much

You may often find yourself in a state of extreme anxiety about something. Maybe you don’t want to think about the thing, but the thought keeps hitting your brain over and over again. There are several ways you can get rid of this condition.

    Think about the possible consequences of what you are worried about.Then find out the right things that make you worried. This way, when you see that you have the solution to deal with the worst situation, your anxiety will be greatly reduced.

    Make time in your daily routine to think. Then remind yourself whenever you have extra thoughts while doing other things throughout the day that you will think about these things at that particular time. This way you can stay stress free throughout the day.

    Occasionally go out for a walk. Walking outside will lighten your mind in contact with nature and surroundings and free you from the worries of small things.

Have faith in change

If you don’t believe in yourself that you can change, then no one can change you. Because of this doubt, you will not give as much efforts as you were supposed to give behind your desired change and you will not get the expected result. So if you want to get rid of bad habits and become a person like you want to be, then have faith in yourself that you can change if you want.

Research also shows that people who have a ‘growth mindset’, that is, people who believe that something good is possible or that they can learn something new if they want, these people are people of ‘fixed mindset’,  can get better results in any subject rather than those who think that nothing new or better is possible.

Refrain from taking all the blame personally

It’s actually like a trap of thought, where you blame yourself for things for which you are in no way responsible. Suppose your daughter did badly in school exams, and you started thinking, “Oh! It’s my fault, the girl did badly in the exam today because of my burnt forehead! ” But think about how irrational it really is. There is no connection here with your forehead but with your daughter or her test. So there is no point in blaming one’s own fortune. So here are some things you can do to avoid taking things in stride:

    Think of each event with your own reasoning instead of thinking with emotion. This allows you to easily understand the extent of your involvement or role in any failure.

    Be clear about your role. As much as it is your fault, take it on your shoulders. There is no need to take more or less than this.

Practice being cheerful

Being upset or depressed most of the time reduces our work ethics to a great extent. It also greatly reduces our control over ourselves. Smiling is one of the easiest ways to reduce our depression and anxiety.

    We basically laugh when we are happy or when we get our smile. But research has shown that if we try to laugh or laugh, it also creates feelings of love in us and reduces our negative attitudes.


There is no substitute for meditation to control the mind. Meditation is a very useful thing to control the mind. Mental resilience decreases when negative thoughts come to mind. This kind of thinking weakens the mental strength. When the mentality becomes weak, our self-confidence is lost. And we know that once confidence is lost, there is no motivation to work. That’s when our reluctance to work came. We no longer have the mind to do the work. As a result, our work remains unfinished. And even though we are very close to the corridor of success, we give the badge of failure to our foreheads. But the practice of regular meditation helps to calm the mind and keep it strong. And if the mind is right, there is no lack of inspiration. So meditate to keep your mind calm and the bery best way to control your mind.

Last but not least

Life is short. So why do you end your life with a depressed mood? Be happy all time. Find the possibility even in every problem. Do meditation. A cheerful mind gives you mental stability that will help you to find out new ways to get rid of your problems.