Are you regularly scrolling through your partner’s text messages and call logs?

Do you always monitor what they’re doing on social media platforms?

Are you constantly trying to test them to prove if they still love you?

If the above describes you, then you are suffering from pistanthrophobia. This is another word for relationship anxiety.

Relationship anxiety refers to negative actions and thoughts that you have about your relationship.  Even though relationships are meant to be pleasurable, they can cause immense anxiety.

This is why it’s important to know how to cope with it.  Studies show that approximately 20% of individuals suffer from this form of anxiety.

Do you know that this anxiety is healthy? Yes it is. Taking a step to deal with it can lead to a very healthy relationship.

In this article I’ll give you some tips to cope with anxiety in your relationship. Let’s dive in.

Listen To Your Partner

Do you take time to listen to your significant other? Even the Bible emphasizes that you should be quick to listen and slow to speak.

If you take time to listen to your partner, then chances are that they will tell you how they’re feeling. But if you don’t listen to them, they will withhold their feelings.

Failure of your partner to communicate with you will cause you to become anxious. This is because you will assume that they don’t want your company or you have upset them which may not be true.

Do you want your partner to tell you how they feel? Then, lend them a listening ear.

Take Care of Yourself

Sometimes you can be so much in love with a person and neglect yourself. All your focus is on taking care of your significant other.

Looking after yourself involves eating healthy i.e. avoiding sugars and processed foods. Omega 3 is also very important.

Meditation and working out will help you steer away from anxious thoughts. However, is taking care of yourself selfish? No it’s not.

It is easier for your partner to support you only if you take the initiative to help yourself first.  Think of self-care as a way of helping your partner, yourself and your relationship.

It is crucial to show your partner the importance of embracing a healthy lifestyle together through activities like yoga, cooking and going for walks.


Accepting that you have anxiety will help you deal with it. Even though it is not easy, it enables you to be in agreement with your thoughts.

Also, taking deep breaths may seem insignificant. However, it helps the body to relax.  

Put Boundaries

Your partner may choose to create boundaries. This does not mean that they are withdrawing from you or don’t cherish you anymore.

The reason is that they don’t want to catch your anxiety as it is contagious. Talking to each other is good but doing it over and over again about the same thing is exhausting.

Boundaries help to strengthen the bond and cultivate love.


Falling in love comes with its own challenges. Every relationship goes through ups and downs. However, how you choose to deal with the problems is what matters.

It is possible to deal with relationship anxiety if you choose not to worry too much about your relationship. Take care of yourself and allow your partner to have their own boundaries if they need to.

Accepting that you have anxiety is the first step toward your healing process.