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When it comes to sleep disorders, people tend to consider tons of medical reasons. What they never consider is the kind of environment they are sleeping in. Yes, they would turn off their cable,  Frontier Phone, and Internet before hitting the bed, but there’s more to it than that. The sleeping environment has to be calming and serene to help you get your best sleep. You need to start seeing your bedroom from a different perspective.

It is common knowledge that adequate sleep is essential to a healthy lifestyle. While you are investing in the décor of your bedroom, you need to focus on improving relaxation and comfort. Following are some effective tips to make a better sleep environment for better sleep!

Assessing your Mattress

When did you buy your mattress? And when was the last time you assessed it for the comfort value that it provides? Know that mattresses are very important to good sleep. However, good mattresses are pricey and you may have to stretch your budget to get one. But it’s worth investing in. Because you don’t want to have backaches, body aches, and insomnia with an old mattress. Consider it a priority spend and make sure you shop carefully. Also, get a few 100% cotton bed linens to add to the comfort level of your mattress.

Set an Appropriate Room Temperature

This may take some trial and error. Most people prefer a cooler temperature while they sleep. If you share your bedroom with someone, reach a compromise about the temperature. Having a pleasant temperature in the bedroom helps in a deeper sleep.

Consider Having Opaque Coverings for the Bedroom Windows

Do you know that your body undergoes some essential repair while you sleep? Also, it releases a hormone when it is pitch dark. So, if you are sleeping with a light on, you better not. Consider options like opaque coverings and other blackout hacks for better sleep. Sunshine will creep in anyway. But the night has to be dark.

Calm and Cool Color Scheme

It’s a rule of thumb. For bedrooms, cooler hues are always a better choice. They have a calming effect and help you sleep better. Consider hues like blues, violet, and shades of gray. And avoid orange, red, yellow, and other spunky colors. Warm tones have the energizing effect and you don’t want to keep awake all night.

Minimal Decor

Do not have too many distractions in your bedroom in the name of décor. Unnecessary objects placed here and there actually make it difficult to fall asleep. Make your bedroom clutter-free and simple. you need to have a clear mind to sleep better.

Position Your Bed Properly

Whenever you walk into a bedroom, you always notice the position of the bed. Positioning the bed correctly provides you ample space to move around. It also makes your bedroom look prim and proper. Placing your bed incorrectly, especially facing the windows will have the morning light piercing through the windows into your eyes. The aforementioned blackout shades are important. But the sensible placement of the bed is important to make your bedroom look comfortable.

Focus on the Lighting

For the bedroom, having soothing and soft lights is a great idea. You can also opt for adjustable lighting. Getting your light fixtures with an attached dimmer is a smart move too. Bedside lighting is also critical. Consider having adjustable sconce lights, which can be positioned for optimal lighting whenever you want to read.

Safe Circulation

Consider the size of your bedroom before buying your bed and other items for your bedroom. You don’t have to essentially buy a king size if you have a small bedroom. Place your furniture in a way that there is ample space to move around. You don’t want to bump into things while getting in and out of the bed.

A Quiet Ceiling Fan

Fans keep the air circulation good and provide fresh air. However, a noisy fan is the worst thing when it comes to a comfy bedroom. You would hate waking up in the middle of the night with the noise of stormy winds. While you are trying to make your bedroom a healthier place, make sure you choose a quiet ceiling fan. You need to have as little noise in the bedroom as possible.

No Tech

This goes without saying. Banish all the gadgets, TVs, computers, exercise equipment, and everything tech-related. Some people doze off while binging on a Netflix show or listening to music. That’s not very healthy. Also, don’t bring your work to bed. Create an oasis that is devoid of tech so that you are able to connect better with your biorhythms. Yes, you love surfing channels with your Frontier TV packages and it has amazing content. But, just before going to bed is not the right time for it. Also, it’s a better idea to move your TV from the bedroom to your living room.


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