Reading Habit

The statistics on reading are fascinating. The average American reads far less than those in other countries. And yet, CEOs and those that make more money tend to be avid readers.

But, why would anyone want to read? Well, time in books leads to new knowledge, shifts in perspectives, and the motivation we need to make progress. It’s a habit that has the ability to improve our lives in a magnitude of ways. That’s far more than you can say about Netflix or Facebook.

However, for many, it’s hard to find the time to read. It’s yet another thing we “should be doing.” Let’s change that, with some simple tips to start. It’s easy, I promise.

5 Tips for Starting a Reading Habit

Start Small

It’s unlikely you’ll turn into a voracious reader overnight, so don’t put that expectation on yourself. Start with a goal of three pages. Anyone can do that amount, and it will allow you the momentum you need to build on it.

Build it Into Your Routine

You can’t expect a beneficial reading habit if it doesn’t have a firm place in your day. Consider your morning and night routines. Is there a time that reading would fit well? Perhaps right when you wake up, or before you fall asleep. Think through your schedule carefully, and experiment.

Find a Reading Buddy

Accountability ALWAYS helps us improve. Find a friend that also wants to read more, and check-in with him or her everyday for a short period of time. Send a quick pic of you reading, and it will motivate your friend as well.

What else could a buddy help with? Check out the Big List of Habits to Improve Your Life.

Choose Good Books

Choose books you find interesting, but also bring value to your life. Either they will help you grow, give you a needed escape, or show you a new perspective. Find books that have fantastic reviews and a purpose in your life.

Pay Attention

In order to change your life with reading, you need to take notes and internalize what’s in front of you. Experiment with what you learn, and most importantly, take action on what you learn.

Knowledge is useless without action.

In Conclusion

A new reading habit could take as little as five minutes a day, and lead to major life changes over time. Simply start. Take that first step and build a brighter future.