While it has been said “a writer can write anywhere,” many writers find it beneficial to have space solely devoted to writing. For those seeking to create a space most conducive to writing, it is important to choose a location free of distractions and with enough room to set up the tools to support writing endeavours. While some writers may be able to take over an unused room in their domicile, others must find a small, quiet corner away from the bustle of the rest of the household.

Once space has been identified, ensure there is plenty of light, either through a nearby window or from sufficient electronic sources to avoid eye strain. Consider choosing sources of LED light to simulate sunlight, and warm lighting and blue light reduction for writing at night or in an otherwise darkened room. The next key item for a space conducive to writing is a comfortable seat, such as an ergonomic desk chair. It may also be wise to choose a desk that supports sitting and standing while working so that there is the option to stand and stretch without breaking the flow of writing. With the three basic needs for space met, the next step is to add decorations nearby that spark creativity and lessen writer’s block, such as inspirational quotes or photos of landscapes. If the desk is not placed near a window, adding a plant nearby is recommended for stress-reduction purposes.

With the basic space prepared and decorated, a few final suggestions include a notebook and pens or pencils, a coaster and a cup, a tissue box and trashcan and, if space isn’t as quiet as desired, a set of noise-cancelling headphones. The notebook and pens or pencils are useful for jotting down ideas and research reminders mid-writing sessions. It may be useful to carry a second notebook daily for capturing sudden brainstorms. A coaster and cup are recommended to avoid parchedness. If the desk selected has a drawer, it may be helpful to keep small, non-perishable snacks for consumption on writing breaks. For prolific writers whose hands sometimes cramp, a set of USB-heated gloves might be a useful addition to the desk drawer, too. Once the space is complete, be sure to declutter it regularly to ensure distractions are kept to a minimum.

Originally published on Michael Wolkind QC’s website.