epic summer without the stress

I don’t have to tell you that it has been one heck of a stressful year.

If I had to describe 2020 so far, it would be one word: challenging.

But now it’s SUMMER. And we could ALL use some rest, relaxation, and carefree adventure. So, let’s take advantage of the time to reset and recharge for those challenges and responsibilities.

The Added Stress

Unfortunately, for some (parents especially), amazing summer activities can also mean added stress. It’s one more thing to do on the neverending to-do list. And, outside circumstances are leaving many places still closed or limited, so a little creativity is required like never before.

Therefore, here are four tips for those looking for an unforgettable summer – without a ton of stress.

Plan Ahead

Want to make the most out of summer? Make PLANS. Any plans! Even if it’s just for weeknight balloon fights or drinks with the girls every Tuesday. The easiest way to do this is to make a reocurring date that you look forward to and know everyone will enjoy.

You’ll regret it if you get to August and wish you had experienced a little more fun. So bring out the calendar with your family and schedule things in that are non-negotiables for summer fun!

Create a Bucket List

Not sure what kind of fun to have? Or how to even relax?

Spend an evening making a list of ideas. Would you like to try a new fruity drink? Go to the beach? Have a self-care day?

Give yourself permission to pause this summer, and consider your own needs. You’ll return to your work and obligations with renewed vigor.

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Go With the Flow

A key element to fun without stress is realizing that this summer is different. Some of our traditional summer activities may not be open. And that’s ok. We adapt. It’s important to be flexible.

Perhaps you will find some new activities that you’ve never considered before to be your new favorite experiences. Keep your mind and heart open, get out of your comfort zone, and improvise when need be.

Try a Staycation

We ALL want to go on a summer vacation. But perhaps you don’t feel comfortable traveling, or don’t have the extra cash to spare this year.

Have no fear! You can still experience a magnificent vacation at home! Set up a spa day at home, camp in your backyard or a nearby park, or set up a romantic date night. There are so many incredible ways to make a staycation just as magical as a faraway vacation.

Block off at least a week and make it awe-inspiring!

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Something to Consider With Summer Fun

Not only will this epic summer fun give us a way to recharge and build memories, but it will help us return to our work and everyday family life refocused on things that matter.

So, let’s build our happiness, productivity, and impact with a little summer fun.