The digital learning platform is worth well over 200 billion dollars. Think about it, having a chance to learn, but also having it be convenient is something most people want. In 1998 that’s when the idea was birthed and nobody expected it to grow the way it has. What’s even crazier is that it’s expected to more than double in the next 5 years.

When I think of my business model one thing that matters to be a lot is being able to have a positive impact on others. The trouble is that I am only one person so that potentially limits my reach. At one point in my business, I was working one on one with people who wanted to write a book. Because of all of the steps to this process I was spending several hours with each client per week. If I can be honest it was exhausting. This is the point in my journey I went back to the drawing board to decide how I could still impact people, but at the same time avoid burnout. That’s when I came up with the idea to create a course. At the time I was taking my doctoral program all online and honestly that was working very well for my busy lifestyle.

When I set out to create a course I was very motivated, but to be honest, the process was extremely exhausting. I had to decide what all I wanted to share and how to present it virtually in a way that my clients could understand. The truth is I am multi-passionate so the idea of picking one topic was extremely hard. This is where most people get stuck. So I will share the three steps you can take to determine how to get your course creation jump-started.

  1. List out all of your passions and things you would love to teach about. If you’re multi-passionate like me this may be hard, but just let yourself free flow with all the topics you love to talk about. Also, consider what family and friends come to ask you for advice about. This will give you a head start regarding what you should focus on.
  2. Determine what people would pay for. Next, consider what people would pay you to do. Are you super passionate about giving feedback on different magazines and blogs? Will people pay you to show them how to do that? Probably not. But if you’re super passionate about getting your blog up and running and profiting off of it – people may be more inclined to pay you for that. Do you see the difference?
  3. Do not marry the topic. This is huge. Many people narrow down to one final topic that they are passionate about AND they know people will pay for but then they overthink it feeling guilty as though they are being disloyal to their other passions. You have to start someplace, but here is the good news. Once you create one course you can then take that same strategy and your other passions to create an additional one. So don’t think you’re throwing away your other dreams you’re just hyper-focused on completing one so that you can move to the next one when the time is right.

Overall the idea of beginning your course creation process does not have to be challenging. In fact when you realize it’s all about what you love and serving people while earning money from it the process can be downright fun!


  • Dr. Nicolya Williams

    Life Coach and Best Selling Author

    Dr. Nicolya Williams is the type of woman who pursues her goals with passion and determination. She is dedicated to helping other women Conquer their Chaos and reach their goals. Dr. Nicolya is a personal development coach, radio host, best-selling author, and blogger for women. Dr. Nicolya graduated from The Ohio State University (B.A., Psychology) and obtained her M.Ed from the University of Dayton with a focus on Clinical Counseling and School Counseling. Dr. Nicolya graduated with honors from Concordia University-Portland with her doctorate in Transformational Leadership. Dr. Nicolya holds a Coach Practitioner certificate and is licensed as both a Community Counselor and School Counselor, with a Chemical Dependency Counselor Assistant license. As a coach, Dr. Nicolya divides her time between empowering women one-on-one, and motivating groups of women through Master Classes. She enjoys encouraging women to write their own books; to tell their stories and share their message. To reach her audience, Dr. Nicolya speaks at conferences and acts as a mentor to women around the world, teaching them to rediscover their spark after divorce and breakups. Dr. Nicolya, a lifelong learner, strives to continue her personal growth through reading and interacting with her social and spiritual community. She is an avid reader and is devoted to building up her own strong women; her two daughters, Kaelyn and Kamryn. Dr. Nicolya is committed to creating a space for women to be heard and find the happiness and success they deserve! You can connect with Dr. Nicolya at or on all social media platforms via @NicolyaWilliams.