Hi, this Satyam Shastri, owner and founder of No One Cares, one of the biggest Facebook pages in the world with more than 26 million followers. And trust me when I say this, it just took me 2 years to reach the point where I am and how did I do that? Well, I have/had a team. A team can either make you up or break you to the core. And for a person to build a business empire, one would need the right team with the right people. Behind every successful entrepreneur, there is a team; a fact which cannot be denied. Now, it is important to know who all to pick up, the dos and the don’ts, the pros and cons, and everything as such which you might need to build an understandable team. 1. Know the right candidate
This is the most important point in this list. You need to know and understand what kind of person you need in your team. Make sure that the person you select is understandable, is not judgemental, knows how to empathize and respects other’s opinions. 2. Versatility Yes, for an understandable team which knows how to work smartly, you need to create it in such a way that the versatility factors remains intact. People with different perspectives, thought process, etc. knows and can easily come up with unique solutions. 3. Avoid biasness At times, it so happens that an entrepreneur may favor one of his/her team-mates more than the others. Try to avoid that. Each member of your team is important and equal and they deserve to be treated that way. 4. Keep motivating A team with a leader who keeps on motivating them can do achieve any goal. Pick up the history books, you’ll see how an army, after getting the right motivation has not only defeated their enemies but also conquered them. 5. Make sure no one feels left out How would you feel if amongst all your siblings, you are the one who doesn’t really have a say and is often left out? Pretty bad, right? That’s exactly a teammate feels when he/she is sidelined. Make sure that each of your teammates are treated the way they are supposed to be. 6. Do not overburden A team is often successful if they know the difference between hardwork and smart work. the former may get the work done but the latter will not only get the work done but also, the quality of the product/service will be better. And this can only be achieved when you know the limut of your teammates. Do not overburden them. Also, never set goals which cannot really be achieved. 7. Act as the leader   If you are the leader then trust me, you need to act like that. A true leader doesn’t sit in a chair but takes the charge himself/herself. Be there in the field yourself and fight along with your warriors.