How To Effortlessly Play To Your Strengths So You Can Avoid Feeling Useless... Dre Baldwin

It seems that many people’s perspective on change is outside-in: “they” need to do these things to create change for me/us. 

Problem: they may not do it

Another Problem: even if they do, they can change their minds at any time and change things back to how they were before. Or change things too late for you to benefit from them. 

Yet Another Problem: now you’re in a position of dependency for the rest of your life, seeking handouts of sympathy, help and equality (which is not possible, since we are not all the same; forcing people to pretend that we’re all equal isn’t an achievement). 

My change perspective is inside-out: I / we need to do these things to alter the landscape.

The benefit of an inside-out approach: you have full control over the process. You can make adjustments as-needed, AND you acquire the most value, albeit intangible resource: you now know that YOU can control your situation whenever you want to. 

What other people do or think of course can affect you, but it doesn’t determine your success of failure, your happiness or despair. 

I’ve been preaching this mentality and teaching this framework for years, since I first admonished aspiring basketball players to “stop blaming your coaches and parents and teammates, turn off the XBox, and Work On Your Fuckin Game” back in 2009

I look around today and see lots of “leaders” encouraging you to both place blame for your situation at the feet of others, and to persuade the “other side” to change their ways. 

Most of these influencers just showed up on the “help the people” scene around Memorial Day 2020. They’ll be gone again as soon as the smoke clears, back to tweeting about the latest episodes of Love & Hip Hop. 

Back to ignoring the internal problems people have had LONG before all the issues of the community were conveniently blamed on the police and “system.”

Are there systems that could be made better? Yes. 

Will we be alive to see that happen? And how long will it take? I don’t have answers to either. 

And while I do believe in making things better for future generations, I also want to enjoy some of that “better” for myself. 

So here’s a plan that achieves both. 

The simplest way to defeat a system that’s oppressing or working against you: opt out of that system

If you, personally, aren’t currently a victim of that system, then you’re proof that it’s possible. 

I know, I know, I know: it’s not that simple for everyone. It never is. It’s not supposed to be. But “it’s not that simple” is no excuse to not take ownership. 

And you can’t control what you don’t own

My position on self-improvement is documented and spans three decades. I don’t aim to exploit your emotions over hot-button topics like many others (though this surely works), and I’m not preaching on a topic just because it’s a hot trending topic like some of your friends (and, frankly, maybe you). 

My brand and business are built on you taking responsibility for your own situation — even when you’re sure it’s someone else’s fault. 

Are you about that? 

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