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In the absence of normality, it is normal to feel a little lost. Yet amongst the chaos of isolation, there is a vital need to mark out boundaries and establish a new routine.

Whether it be a blessing or a curse, your home is not the office. And if like me, you are facing difficulties processing personal life and work under one roof, this the article for you.

But, where do I begin? Well, the answer is simple — a home office.

Follow this guide to build the ultimate productive retreat in your very own home:


We all know the saying: tidy room, tidy mind. Well, the same goes double for your workspace. How can you expect to focus around all that mess?

Before sitting down to work, give the room a good clean and remove any distractions. A minimalist approach is a handy stance to take. The fewer items in the room, the clearer your mind will be when approaching tasks.

This includes moving the television, any children’s toys, and that mountain of clothes from the bottom of your bed. Everything has to go.

An extreme approach, maybe. But it is a perfect way to build an invisible boundary between work and distractions of the home.

It is also important in terms of hygiene. So, remember to wipe over your keyboard and clean surfaces. we are isolating for a reason after all.

Invest in the right equipment

You cannot replicate the work office by squeezing into a cramped desk. To make the home as productive as the office, it must contain the right equipment.

A variety of affordable hardware can be delivered to your doorstep. Or, better still, if your boss permits then take it straight from work. This way you are already familiar with the equipment and it is likely tailored to your line of work. It is a matter of transferring it from point A to B.

Nevertheless, I recommend opting for a dual monitor setup. This allows you to simultaneously keep track of tasks and communication channels. Too often you will lose track of work by switching back and forwards between tabs. This will ease the stress of mounting workloads and increase productivity.

Taking this equipment into your home is a risk that won’t be covered by any work policy. You are responsible for its safety and protection. Consider exploring contents insurance cover from companies like Admiral. Such measures protect against theft, damage and your ability to work without worry.

Grow some plants

Removing unnecessary items from your home office is a great step. But also consider adding some natural decorations to improve the immediate environment.

Plants transform space and provide responsibility beyond work. Better again, plants even have benefits for your mental wellbeing.

We are not working from home during a crisis; we are dealing with a crisis while also working. Ticking off tasks, clouded by external issues blinds us from what we are achieving.

Watching a plant grow from seed to blossom is a great way to visualize your efforts and stay motivated.

If you are not a natural gardener, then think about getting a Peace Lily delivered from gardens4you. It is a robust plant that needs little attention. The Peace Lily also has an air-cleansing property, which helps calm your environment.

Bring in natural light

Spending hours attached to a computer screen can take it out on your physical wellbeing. Without paired with proper lighting it can lead to migraines, headaches and fatigue.

Exposure to natural light has become a must-have feature for any work environment. Sunlight has some positive effects on physical symptoms, as well as, production levels and general mood. Many modern offices are reimagining light patterns around this core principle.

When designing your home office, I recommended that you replicate this as best you can. Don’t worry if you can’t find the perfect sun trap, but betting favors that you have access to at least one window. Set up shop beside it and you’ll feel all the better for it.

However, if the winter months close in and you find yourself trapped at home. Invest in a lamp with a high watt bulb. Though not the same as the real thing, some light is better than none at all.

Times are worrying enough without having the stress of work getting you down. By following this guide, you a sure to be on the right path to creating the ultimate home setup. Soon working from home will be a blessing, not a curse.