How To Create Wealth -- Even Without Money... Dre Baldwin

Wealth: what people want

Wealth is not money. Money is but one item under the umbrella of wealth, next to time, knowledge, food, clothing, shelter, and other items. 

Wealth is anything people want. What do you want? That’s wealth. 

When you know what people want (market knowledge), and you can either create or obtain it (invention and/or access to inventory), and can then create an exchange for it (marketing & sales), you can make as much money as you wish. 

How to figure it out… 

1) Who do you want to help, and how can you help them?  

Look at your own life and see what problems you’ve solved for yourself. Do other people have the same problem?

2) Create (or obtain access to) the solution. 

You don’t need to be an inventor to solve people’s problems; a car salesman can sell cars without ever working the assembly line. Online affiliate marketers don’t have to create a single product to earn a living. 

3) Make it known.

This is marketing: building a relationship with a targeted audience through giving value. Marketing ripens your audience for the offers that will follow; some people will require more nurturing than others before they are ready to take action. 

4) Create an exchange

This is the sale. A sale has not occurred until there’s an exchange: you give them something, and they give you something. Usually, money is involved. 

5) Repeat. 

If it’s wealth you want, create more and more of what people want. 

If you already have (or think you have) what people want, but don’t have what you want in exchange for your goods, then address your targeting and/or marketing. 

Wealth is all around you. Whenever you see something you want, you’re probably not the only one who has that desire. 

The differentiator is in who can package and create an exchange for that desire. 

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