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Working from home is more comfortable with its relaxed and open atmosphere. No superiors to boss you around, no need to glam up unless you’ll be on a video call meeting, no travelling required. You can even work while wearing your PJs on! Working from home actually means more freedom to do what you want when working. Unfortunately, this too much freedom may also hamper your work performance. Your workspace at home shouldn’t only focus on the things you need for work, but also includes things that can help boost your performance in whatever task you have at hand.

Tips for a Productive Work Space

If you want to do WFH for the long term, make sure that you produce great results in every task you have. So how can you be productive while working at home?

Photo Credit: Pexels/Anthony Shkraba

Keep Things Organize

One thing that impedes performance is clutter. A messy workplace would often result in a messy output as well. Thus, organizing your things as well as creating a schedule on what you need to accomplish for the day helps a lot. Those people who have been in the WFH industry for quite a long time now will always advise you to sort out the things you need. So arrange your paperwork, office supplies, and even your schedule. This will help you get things in order and make you work seamlessly even amidst sudden distractions.

Add Relaxing Elements

A good way to boost performance is by adding relaxing elements to your workspace. Something very relaxing such as the sound of water helps calm your mind and lets you think clearly about your tasks. Architects in ancient times knew this and incorporated such elements in ancient buildings. The garden of The Alhambra in Granada is a classic example of this. You can replicate such a vibe if you place a small fountain beside your working area. Not only will the relaxing sound of water help you, but it’ll also add to the aesthetic appeal of your working space.

Maximize Your Work Area

Will you be able to find a good place to work even with all the commotion at home? There are many areas in your house that you can use as an office space – from your kitchen to an extra room to your garage! The most important thing, however, is how you can make it a conducive environment for working.

Your workspace needs to have all the necessary equipment and stuff required for your work. So whether you have a small or big area, you have to do the layout properly. Where should your desk go? Where should the filing cabinets be located? Do you need a working table for your tools and equipment? Maximizing your work area will help boost your performance since you can put everything you need in one room. As a result, you don’t have to scramble to check your storage room for a thing you should have with you in the first place.

Implement Nature

Proper furniture such as the right desk and comfortable chair helps your productivity. However, you also need something from Mother Nature to boost your competence. There was a study conducted that proved how effective plants are when it comes to productivity. A “green” office, as the study concludes, makes staff more productive and happier than an office with a bare and minimal design. Plants also help with air quality within your workspace as much as it helps with your concentration. Natural elements proved to be a wonderful addition in a workspace if you want to yield positive outputs and high performance levels.

Dedicate a Space for Relaxation

Relaxation is as equally important as working. To help prevent burnout, you need to take a moment to yourself and clear your mind. Little breaks while working give you time to refresh yourself. It is best to set aside space where you can relax. The space should be strictly for relaxation only. You can put refreshments like drinks and food, as well as equipment that help you loosen up such as a couch or massage chair. 

Make Way for Digital Technology

The entire pandemic may have put the world at a standstill, but that doesn’t apply to technology. We’ve been using digital technology more than ever right now. We can see how beneficial it is in helping us produce great works. The use of social media, for example, became a frontrunner to get businesses going. In a similar manner, you can make use of digital technology to help you become more productive. The use of certain apps and software allows you to complete many tasks efficiently and faster. When creating your workspace at home, make sure that you have a good connection to any technological advancement that makes you work better and boost your performance.

Add Effective Communication Lines

Work-from-home does not mean you work alone. Most often than not, you still have team members to work with. And even if you are running your own business, you still need to keep in contact with other people such as clients and suppliers. Thus, you need to keep an effective communication system. Failed communication lines often lead to problems and issues that hinder you from completing your tasks. So, in order to lessen your stress and complete your daily to-do list, communication lines need to be working.


Working from home has become normal given the start of the pandemic. Since our homes are our safe haven and comfort zone, we become so accustomed to it that it somehow gets in the way of our work performance. Since the working environment is directly related to performance levels, it is essential to create a healthy work space that encourages productivity. WFH may be new to some, but this work set-up is here to stay. Hence, you need to make a work space that is valuable to your performance output as it is to your comfort. Only then will you be able to succeed in your job.